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  *嗡* | 嗡* | *嗡
(onom.) buzz / hum / drone
  *噪* | 噪* | *噪
the chirping of birds or insects / noise / clamor / buzzing / disturbance
buzz; drone; hum
(onom.) chirp / twitter / buzzing / to chatter continuously
  *喓* | 喓* | *喓
grasshopper chirp / mosquito buzz
in full swing (idiom) / (in a) frenzy / buzzing with activity
a place buzzing with activity (idiom)
hole in the body of a musical instrument, covered with a membrane which produces a buzzing tone
continuously circling one another / to buzz around
imaginative / to have one's mind buzzing with ideas
membrane which covers a hole in a flute and produces a buzzing tone
buzz cut (hairstyle)
hum / drone / buzz (of insects)
buzzing bomb
hum / drone / buzz
to fuss around / to buzz about uselessly / to wag one's tongue

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