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  *白* | 白* | *白
white / snowy / pure / bright / empty / blank / plain / clear / to make clear / in vain / gratuitous / free of charge / reactionary / anti-communist / funeral / to stare coldly / to write wrong character / to state / to explain / vernacular / spoken lines in opera
to fill a job vacancy / to fill in a blank (e.g. on questionnaire or exam paper)
  *呆* | 呆* | *呆
foolish / stupid / expressionless / blank / to stay
blank space
to stare blankly / to be stunned / to be lost in thought
  *愣* | 愣* | *愣
to look distracted / to stare blankly / distracted / blank / (coll.) unexpectedly / rash / rashly
blankly / vacantly / at a loss
  *坯* | 坯* | *坯
blank (e.g. for a coin) / unburnt earthenware / semifinished product / Taiwan pr. [pei1]
to fill a gap / to fill in a blank (on a form) / to overcome a deficiency
to fill up; to stuff / to fill in a blank space
blank / blank space on a form / space / (indicating missing or illegible character)
  *倥* | 倥* | *倥
ignorant / blank-minded
to leave blank space in a document / to leave some time free
to stare blankly / to look on helplessly / to look on unfeelingly
  *楞* | 楞* | *楞
variant of / to look distracted / to stare blankly / distracted / blank
to fill a gap (e.g. a gap in knowledge or blank space in a print layout) / to make some additional remarks / filler (in a newspaper or magazine)
  *怔* | 怔* | *怔
to stare blankly / startled
  *怔* | 怔* | *怔
stumped for words / to stare blankly
to feel dizzy / to be confused / to be at a loss / to stare blankly / Taiwan pr. [fa1 meng2]
whiteboard / tabula rasa / blank slate
opening titles (of movie) / leader (blank film at the beginning and end of a reel)
to gape at / to stare blankly / to stare in rapture / to stare in awe
  *睖* | 睖* | *睖
to stare blankly / to glare
expressionless / wooden (expression) / blank (face)
staring blankly
to stare blankly; to be in a daze
to fill (gap, hole, area, blank) / to pad out / to complement / (dental) filling / filled
blank check
to leave a blank to mark censored area
blank exam paper
to stare / to look blank / to be fixed (of eyes)
fill-in-the-blank question
to stare blankly / to be in a daze
(lit.) to fire blank shots / (fig.) to be all talk and no action / to shoot one's mouth off / to make empty promises
stone tablet without inscription / blank stele
to stare blankly
copying paper (with printed model characters and blank squares for writing practice)
blank (for a coin etc) / breed or strain
blank vote / abstention
to fill a blank space / to fill a slot (in a newspaper column, a TV program etc)
to put on a straight, stern or blank face / to put on a poker face
exercise book for practicing Chinese character handwriting (each page being a grid of blank cells divided into quadrants, like the character )
stone tablet without inscription / blank stele
to return only a blank stare / to stare back
coin blank
treating everyone the same, regardless of individual differences / one-size-fits-all approach / (typesetting) block paragraphs (no indenting, and blank space between each paragraph)

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