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we / us / ourselves / our
(coll.) (of women) to get one's period
  *闺* | 闺* | *闺
small arched door / boudoir / lady's chamber / by ext. women
cutie / sweetie / (Tw) camisole (women's garment)
women and children
women's clothes
International Women's Day (March 8)
women's volleyball / abbr. for 女子排球
women's league / women's association
  *巾* | 巾* | *巾
towel / general purpose cloth / women's headcovering (old) / Kangxi radical 50
  *妾* | 妾* | *妾
concubine / I, your servant (deprecatory self-reference for women)
women's singles (in tennis, badminton etc)
camisole (women's garment)
women's rights
cloth head covering worn by men in ancient times / headscarf (typically worn by women) / kerchief / turban
Yan and Zhao, two of the Warring States in Hebei and Shanxi / beautiful women / women dancers and singers
yellow flower (cosmetic powder used on women's forehead in former times)
  *BM* | BM* | *BM
Brandy Melville, fashion brand known for clothes targeted at very slim young women / (generic usage) fashions for petite young women
International Women's Day 婦女節|妇女节, 8th March / foolish / stupid
source of calamity (esp. of women)
women's bathroom (abbr. for 女衛生間|女卫生间)
(men) sideburns / (women) lengths of hair that hang down over the temples
half the sky / women of the new society / womenfolk
to pick flowers / to enter houses at night in order to rape women
men, women, young and old / all kinds of people / people of all ages
International Women's Day (March 8)
court lady / palace maid / traditional painting of beautiful women
luck with women
women's doubles (in tennis, badminton etc)
International Women's Day (March 8)
(usually of women) chastity / virginity / virtue / honor / loyalty / moral integrity
(of water) to rise / rising tide / (of women) to get one's period
long gown / cheongsam / traditional Asian dress for men or (in Hong Kong) women's qipao
pervert (esp. one who gropes women in public)
wine and women / color of wine / drunken expression
to chase women / to express oneself in a pompous flowery style
small and weak / puny / the small and weak / children / women and children
Li Na (1982-), Chinese tennis player, first Asian player to win a Grand Slam singles title (2011 French Open women's singles)
  *闱* | 闱* | *闱
door to women's room / gate to palace
  *帏* | 帏* | *帏
curtain / women's apartment / tent
Red Detachment of Women, revolutionary opera that premiered in 1964
director of the local committee of the Women's Federation
men, women, young and old / everybody
a feast for the eyes (idiom) / (of women) gorgeous / graceful / (of scenery) beautiful
beautiful women suffer unhappy fates (idiom)
Confucian moral injunctions for women, namely: obey in turn three men father, husband and son, plus the four virtues of morality , physical charm , propriety in speech and efficiency in needlework
to imitate the dog and steal chicken (idiom) / to pilfer / to dally with women / to have affairs
dangling ornament worn by women
women love bad guys
men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things (citation, from Mencius)
  *帼* | 帼* | *帼
cap worn by women / feminine
Yang Wei (1979-), PRC badminton player, women's doubles specialist
chastity / virginity (of women) / moral integrity (of men) / loyalty / constancy
women's love / passion (felt by lady)
to be born under an unlucky star (usu. of women) / to be born unlucky
nüshu writing, a phonetic syllabary for Yao ethnic group 瑤族|瑶族 dialect designed and used by women in Jiangyong county 江永縣|江永县 in southern Hunan
  *壸* | 壸* | *壸
palace corridor / fig. women's quarters / women
greedy for sex / given to lust for women
All-China Women's Federation (PRC, established 1949)
three women are enough for a drama (idiom)
women's movement / feminism
Jenny Lang Ping (1960-), Chinese volleyball player, coach of USA women's national team since 2005
  *軿* | 軿* | *軿
curtained carriage used by women / to gather together / to assemble
"she-economy" reflecting women's economic contribution / euphemism for prostitution-based economy
  *衵* | 衵* | *衵
women's undergarments
women with disreputable or illegal professions (idiom)
Woman can hold up half the sky / fig. nowadays, women have an equal part to play in society
female chicken crows at daybreak (idiom); a woman usurps authority / women meddle in politics / The female wears the trousers.
(idiom) to have had relationships with many women
widow's peak (in China, regarded as attractive in women)
lady's demeanor / norms expected of women (in former times)
(slang) (of women) to hunt for rich, attractive guys
to make hanky-panky / to seduce women
(Korean term) women who returned to Korea after being abducted during the Manchu invasions of Korea in the 17th century, only to be regarded as defiled and therefore ostracized, even by their own families
men fear getting into the wrong line of business, women fear marrying the wrong man (proverb)
men go out to work and women stay at home (idiom)
old-fashioned women's obeisance / Taiwan pr. [lian4 ren4]
Enjo-kōsai or "compensated dating", a practice which originated in Japan where older men give money or luxury gifts to women for their companionship and sexual favors
follower of wine and women / dissolute person
informal wear / home clothes (old) / women's underwear / lingerie
women's suffrage
to wallow in alcohol and sex (idiom); overindulgence in wine and women / an incorrigible drunkard and lecher
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
women's quarters
(of women) grieved appearance (idiom) / sorrowful mien
(of women) beginning of menstrual cycle / full-term gestation
three women makes a crowd
lit. the flowers in one's garden cannot match the fragrance of wild flowers (idiom) / fig. other women seem more attractive than one's own partner / the grass is always greener on the other side
to match up (employers and jobseekers, men and women seeking a partner, blind people and guide dogs etc)
female chicken crows at daybreak (idiom); a woman usurps authority / women meddle in politics / The female wears the trousers.
to be discontented with one's home / to have adulterous relations after marriage (of women) (idiom)
to regard men as superior to women (idiom)
band used by Manchu women to gather up the hair
four Confucian injunctions 孝悌忠信 (for men), namely: piety to one's parents, respect to one's older brother, loyalty to one's monarch, faith to one's male friends / the four Confucian virtues for women of morality , physical charm , propriety in speech and efficiency in needlework
women (in general)
Euripides (c. 480-406 BC), Greek tragedian, author of Medea, Trojan Women etc

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