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  *女* | 女* | *女
female / woman / daughter
younger sister / young woman / CL: 個|个
maternal aunt / step-mother / childcare worker / nursemaid / woman of similar age to one's parents (term of address used by child) / CL: 個|个
  *跟* | 跟* | *跟
heel / to follow closely / to go with / (of a woman) to marry sb / with / compared with / to / towards / and (joining two nouns)
  *嫁* | 嫁* | *嫁
(of a woman) to marry / to marry off a daughter / to shift (blame etc)
girl / young woman / young lady / daughter / paternal aunt (old) / CL: 個|个
  *娶* | 娶* | *娶
to take a wife / to marry (a woman)
married woman / Mrs. / Madam / wife / CL: 個|个,
(of a woman) slim / slender / graceful
household / dwelling / family / sb else's house / household business / house of woman's husband-to-be / CL: 戶|户,
pink / white / erotic / beautiful woman / powdered (with make-up)
daughter-in-law / wife (of a younger man) / young married woman / young woman
wife of father's elder brother / aunt / (polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother) / CL: 個|个
beautiful woman
to commit one's energy to / to devote oneself to / to sacrifice one's life for / (coll.) (of a woman) to give one's virginity to
woman / the female sex
  *PU* | PU* | *PU
the degree of suspicion that a woman might, after she marries, cheat on her husband (abbr. for "paternity uncertainty")
  *阁* | 阁* | *阁
pavilion (usu. two-storied) / cabinet (politics) / boudoir / woman's chamber / rack / shelf
old man or woman / the elderly / one's aged parents or grandparents
mature and sophisticated woman
  *归* | 归* | *归
to return / to go back to / to give back to / (of a responsibility) to be taken care of by / to belong to / to gather together / (used between two identical verbs) despite / to marry (of a woman) (old) / division on the abacus with a one-digit divisor
  *妆* | 妆* | *妆
(of a woman) to adorn oneself / makeup / adornment / trousseau / stage makeup and costume
maiden; unmarried woman / (coll.) daughter
  *姬* | 姬* | *姬
woman / concubine / female entertainer (archaic)
  *聘* | 聘* | *聘
to engage (a teacher etc) / to hire / to betroth / betrothal gift / to get married (of woman)
wealthy woman
woman / woman's headdress (ancient)
evil spirit / alluring woman
menstruation / a woman's period
(of a groom) to fetch one's bride from her parents' home to escort her to the wedding ceremony / (fig.) to take as one's wife; to marry (a woman)
  *媛* | 媛* | *媛
(bound form) beautiful woman
pregnant woman
white man or woman; Caucasian
(Buddhism) yidam (one's chosen meditational deity) / the principal object of worship on a Buddhist altar / (of a monk who has the ability to appear in multiple places at the same time) the honored one himself (contrasted with his alternate forms, 分身) / (fig.) (jocular) the genuine article / the real McCoy / the man himself / the woman herself / the original manifestation of sth (not a spin-off or a clone)
little girl who is older than another young child (e.g. her playmate) / (neologism c. 2017) (slang) young lady (amiable form of address for a young woman of about one's own age or a little older)
  *婧* | 婧* | *婧
(literary) (of a woman) slender; delicate / (literary) (of a woman) talented
beautiful woman
beautiful (of woman) / pretty
woman's dress / frock / gown
coming from everywhere / from all over the place / gorgeous (of woman) / to ruin and overturn the state
  *妇* | 妇* | *妇
  *姗* | 姗* | *姗
to deprecate / lithe (of a woman's walk) / leisurely / slow
a beautiful woman / young beauties / youths / rosy cheeks
  *讨* | 讨* | *讨
to invite / to provoke / to demand or ask for / to send armed forces to suppress / to denounce or condemn / to marry (a woman) / to discuss or study
figure (esp. a woman's)
slender waist / fig. pretty woman / mortise and tenon joint on a coffin
wise and virtuous woman / lady
young married woman
(dialect) form of address for one's wife / polite form of address for a woman
  *姝* | 姝* | *姝
pretty woman
father's elder brother's wife / aunt (affectionate term for an elderly woman)
woman recuperating after childbirth / woman in childbirth
  *姥* | 姥* | *姥
governess / old woman
black clothes / servant (old) / young woman role in Chinese opera, also called 正旦
(of a woman) remarkably beautiful / stunning
married woman
big sister / elder sister / older sister (also polite term of address for a girl or woman slightly older than the speaker)
  *媖* | 媖* | *媖
(complimentary name for a woman)
solitary old man or woman / regular patron (at brothels)
sweet, fair, and graceful (of a woman) / a seductive woman / secluded (bower)
married woman's parents' home
face (of a woman) without makeup / solid color (unpatterned)
beautiful woman / fairy maiden attending the Daoist immortals / (polite) sb else's daughter / Chinese dodder (Cuscuta chinensis), plant whose seeds are used for TCM
housewife / woman of senior authority in a household / the lady of the house / hostess
woman hired to take care of a newborn child and its mother in the month after childbirth
rarity / rare object / rare person / extraordinarily beautiful woman
my old mother / I, this old woman / my old lady (colloquial) / maternal grandmother / midwife
immortal (esp. female) / deity / fairy / Goddess / fig. beautiful woman
wildflower / woman of easy virtue
to get married (of woman)
to get married (of woman)
dew point / (coll.) (of a woman) to expose one of the three areas (nipples and genitals)
older brother's wife / sister-in-law / elder sister (respectful appellation for an older married woman)
(politics) strongman / (in the workplace, esp. of a woman) a highly capable person / (old) robber
a woman's physique / figure / posture on stage
violent / fierce and tough / shrewish (woman)
charm / loveliness (of a woman)
the man (or woman) of the moment (idiom) / influential figure
(derog.) woman
working woman / variant of 女紅|女红
(of a woman's bearing) graceful / elegant / lithe
good looks (of a woman)
eldest daughter of an affluent family / (polite) your daughter / bossy or indulged young woman / Miss High and Mighty
married woman; wife (as a social role)
Eve, the first woman (transcription used in Protestant versions of the Bible) (from Hebrew Ḥawwāh, probably via Cantonese 夏娃 {Haa6waa1})
paternal great-aunt (father's father's sister) / (respectful form of address for a married woman used by members of her parents' family) married daughter / (brassy self-reference used by a woman in an altercation) I; me; this lady here / (coll.) form of address for an unmarried girl or woman, expressing affection or reproach
beautiful image of a woman
(of a woman) beautiful but aloof
slender and elegant (of a woman)
(of a woman) virtuous
woman (derog.)
to work for a living (esp. of woman needleworker) / life of a group of stones in Go 圍棋|围棋
old woman (at times contemptuous)
old woman
to remarry (of woman)
Hua Mulan, legendary woman warrior (c. fifth century), Northern dynasties folk hero recorded in Sui and Tang literature
lit. capable of causing the downfall of a city or state (idiom) / fig. (of a woman) devastatingly beautiful / also written 傾城傾國|倾城倾国

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