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  *翼* | 翼* | *翼
wing / area surrounding the bullseye of a target / to assist / one of the 28 constellations of Chinese astronomy / old variant of
  *脉* | 脉* | *脉
arteries and veins / vein (on a leaf, insect wing etc)
wing / (fig.) assistant
asylum / shelter / to shield / to put under protection / to take under one's wing
wing (of an air force) / sports team representing a combination of entities (e.g. United Korea)
  *翅* | 翅* | *翅
to be affiliated with / to operate under the wing of / affiliation
wing / wing forward
rotor wing
Wing Chun / same as 詠春拳|咏春拳 / Yongchun - "Singing Spring Fist" (Chinese martial art)
wing (of an aircraft)
youth corps / youth wing of a political party
sidewalk / side road / shoulder (of a road) / wing (soccer)
flying insect / winged insect
cicada's wing / fig. diaphanous / delicate texture
the right flank / (politically) right-wing
trailing edge (of airplane wing)
left-wing (political)
  *鹣* | 鹣* | *鹣
mythical bird with one eye and one wing / see also 鰈鶼|鲽鹣
to fly wing to wing (idiom) / two hearts beating as one / (of a couple) inseparable
  *膀* | 膀* | *膀
upper arm / wing
scaly wing / Lepidoptera (insect order including butterflies 蝶類|蝶类 and moths 蛾類|蛾类)
Zhou Libo (1908-1979), left-wing journalist, translator and novelist / Zhou Libo (1967-), Chinese stand-up comedian
levitation (of Daoist immortal) / to become as light as a feather and ascend to heaven / (in Daoism) to become immortal / to die / of winged insects, to emerge from the cocoon in adult form / eclosion
(flying) wing to wing
wing (of a traditional house) / side room
upper arm / arm / wing
right-wing / reactionary / conservative / (PRC) rightist deviation
(political) left / left wing / leftist
lit. a pair of birds flying close together (idiom) / fig. two hearts beating as one / name of a sweet and sour chicken wing dish
the wing of the nose / ala nasi
Wang Ching-wei (1883-1944), left-wing Guomingdang politician, subsequently Japanese collaborator
(political) right / right wing / rightist
elytrum (hardened forewing of Coleoptera beetle, encasing the flight wing)
Jean-Marie Le Pen (1928-), French Front National extreme right-wing politician
adventurism (a left-wing error against Mao's line during the 1930s)
(wing) aspect ratio (aerodynamics)
Silvio Berlusconi (1936-), Italian media magnate and right-wing politician, prime minister of Italy 1994-1995, 2001-2006, 2008-2011
the League of the Left-Wing Writers, an organization of writers formed in China in 1930
back wing (of insect)
the League of the Left-Wing Writers, an organization of writers formed in China in 1930 / abbr. for 中國左翼作家聯盟|中国左翼作家联盟
(bird species of China) azure-winged magpie (Cyanopica cyanus)
  *犄* | 犄* | *犄
ox-horns / wing of an army
(bird species of China) black-winged stilt (Himantopus himantopus)
(bird species of China) black-winged kite (Elanus caeruleus)
swept-forward wing (on jet fighter)
(aircraft) wing flap
The West Wing (US TV series)
In the sky to be two birds flying wing to wing, on earth to be two trees with branches intertwined / wishing for conjugal bliss
(bird species of China) white-winged scoter (Melanitta deglandi)
(bird species of China) white-winged grosbeak (Mycerobas carnipes)
(bird species of China) white-winged woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucopterus)
(bird species of China) glaucous-winged gull (Larus glaucescens)
(bird species of China) bar-winged wren-babbler (Spelaeornis troglodytoides)
(bird species of China) white-winged tern (Chlidonias leucopterus)
(bird species of China) white-winged lark (Melanocorypha leucoptera)
(bird species of China) blue-winged pitta (Pitta moluccensis)
(bird species of China) chestnut-winged cuckoo (Clamator coromandus)
(bird species of China) white-winged redstart (Phoenicurus erythrogastrus)
(bird species of China) spot-winged starling (Saroglossa spiloptera)
(bird species of China) blue-winged minla (Minla cyanouroptera)
(bird species of China) blue-winged laughingthrush (Trochalopteron squamatum)
(bird species of China) green-winged teal (Anas carolinensis)
(bird species of China) blue-winged leafbird (Chloropsis cochinchinensis)
(bird species of China) white-winged magpie (Urocissa whiteheadi)
(bird species of China) black-winged pratincole (Glareola nordmanni)
(bird species of China) white-winged crossbill (Loxia leucoptera)
(bird species of China) bronze-winged jacana (Metopidius indicus)
(bird species of China) blunt-winged warbler (Acrocephalus concinens)
(bird species of China) white-winged snowfinch (Montifringilla nivalis)
(bird species of China) brown-winged parrotbill (Sinosuthora brunnea)
(bird species of China) grey-winged blackbird (Turdus boulboul)
(bird species of China) red-winged laughingthrush (Trochalopteron formosum)
(bird species of China) rufous-winged fulvetta (Alcippe castaneceps)
(bird species of China) Eurasian crimson-winged finch (Rhodopechys sanguineus)
front wing (of insect)
NAKAYAMA Nariaki (1943-), right-wing Japanese cabinet minister and prominent denier of Japanese war crimes
(bird species of China) spot-winged grosbeak (Mycerobas melanozanthos)
(bird species of China) spot-winged rosefinch (Carpodacus rodopeplus)
(bird species of China) rufous-winged buzzard (Butastur liventer)
(bird species of China) black-winged cuckooshrike (Coracina melaschistos)
(bird species of China) bar-winged flycatcher-shrike (Hemipus picatus)
shark's fin / wing / CL: 隻|只

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