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  *角* | 角* | *角
role (theater) / to compete / ancient three legged wine vessel / third note of pentatonic scale
wine shop / pub (public house) / hotel / restaurant / (Tw) hostess club
  *酷* | 酷* | *酷
ruthless / strong (e.g. of wine) / (loanword) cool / hip
  *尊* | 尊* | *尊
senior / of a senior generation / to honor / to respect / honorific / classifier for cannons and statues / ancient wine vessel
  *琼* | 琼* | *琼
jasper / fine jade / beautiful / exquisite (e.g. wine, food) / abbr. for Hainan province
to be revealed / to come out (of the truth) / chalk (for whitening walls) / (old) wine cup
  *酒* | 酒* | *酒
wine (esp. rice wine) / liquor / spirits / alcoholic beverage / CL: , , , ,
  *斋* | 斋* | *斋
to fast or abstain from meat, wine etc / vegetarian diet / study room / building / to give alms (to a monk)
tavern / pub / wine shop
red wine
  *瓶* | 瓶* | *瓶
bottle / vase / pitcher / CL: 個|个 / classifier for wine and liquids
  *酿* | 酿* | *酿
to ferment / to brew / to make honey (of bees) / to lead to / to form gradually / wine / stuffed vegetables (cooking method)
to make a fermented drink (i.e. to brew beer, make wine etc)
to drink wine
cooking wine
  *醇* | 醇* | *醇
alcohol / wine with high alcohol content / rich / pure / good wine / sterols
ox head / ox-head shaped wine vessel
to brew / to make (wine, vinegar, soybean paste etc) by fermentation
baijiu, a spirit usually distilled from sorghum / (Tw) white wine (abbr. for 白葡萄酒)
wine factory / distillery
  *爵* | 爵* | *爵
ancient bronze wine holder with 3 legs and loop handle / nobility
to bubble / to foam / to blister / to sprout boils (on one's body) / sparkling (wine etc)
to blend various types of wine (or spirits, or fruit juices etc)
Zhang Fei (168-221), general of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, famous as fearsome fighter and lover of wine
"yellow wine" (mulled rice wine, usually served warm)
  *糟* | 糟* | *糟
dregs / draff / pickled in wine / rotten / messy / ruined
to toast sb (with wine etc) / to drink a toast
a sage / wise and holy man / virtuous ruler / Buddhist lama / wine
to raise one's wine cup
good wine / fine liquor
sweet fermented rice / glutinous rice wine
Bacchus (the Greek god of wine), aka Dionysus
name of a famous Tang dynasty wine / same as 白酒
Du Kang, legendary inventor of wine
to taste wine / to sip wine
wine vessel / wine cup
wine cellar
wine-lover / drinker / toper / drunkard
wine pot / wine cup
  *彝* | 彝* | *彝
ancient wine vessel / ancient sacrificial vessel / Yi ethnic group / normal nature of man / laws and rules
  *樽* | 樽* | *樽
goblet / bottle / wine-jar
wine list (in a restaurant etc)
kind of Chinese wine
food and drink / food to accompany wine
pleasant lingering effect / memorable stylishness / haunting tune / aftertaste (of a good wine etc)
lanterns red, wine green (idiom); feasting and pleasure-seeking / debauched and corrupt environment
unfiltered rice wine
wine and women / color of wine / drunken expression
excellent wine
fruit wine
old Shaoxing wine
beat the drum, pass the flower (game in which players sit in a circle passing a flower around while a drum is beaten – when the drumbeat stops, the player holding the flower must sing a song, answer a question, or drink a glass of wine etc)
smell of alcohol / flavoring of rum or other liquor in food / aroma or nose (of wine)
wine cup
Shaoxing yellow wine
  *醴* | 醴* | *醴
sweet wine
  *酌* | 酌* | *酌
to pour wine / to drink wine / to deliberate / to consider
lit. sing to accompany wine (idiom); fig. life is short, make merry while you can
wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined / to drink and gamble together in a large group (idiom) / a big (drinking) party
distiller's grain / wine lees
sake (Japanese rice wine)
  *钭* | 钭* | *钭
a wine flagon
yellow chrysanthemum / wine
to go dining, wining, whoring and gambling / to lead a life of dissipation
sweet fermented rice / glutinous rice wine
after wine, spit out the truth / in vino veritas
to wine and dine / to feast / banquet
to age / to mature (wine, timber etc)
wine, esp. Shaoxing wine
wine-lover's heart is not in the cup (idiom); a drinker not really interested in alcohol / having an ulterior motive / to have other things in mind / with an ax to grind / accomplishing something besides what one set out to do
  *钘* | 钘* | *钘
long-necked wine flask
  *觥* | 觥* | *觥
big / cup made of horn / horn wine container
fragrant wine fears no dark alley (idiom) / quality goods need no advertising
  *酾* | 酾* | *酾
(literary) to filter (wine) / to pour (wine or tea) / to dredge / also pr. [shai1] / Taiwan pr. [si1]
  *酏* | 酏* | *酏
elixirs / sweet wine
  *瓮* | 瓮* | *瓮
pottery container for water, wine etc
to love wine as one's life (idiom); fond of the bottle
  *卣* | 卣* | *卣
wine container
dilute wine / insipid wine / I'm sorry the wine I offer you is so poor (humble)
to be a guest at a dinner party / to be wined and dined (as a bribe)
to pour wine or liquor
lit. floating wine goblets on a stream / the origin (of some phenomenon)
to taste (wine etc)
a famous wine
brewing industry / wine industry
Shaoxing wine a.k.a. "yellow wine", traditional Chinese wine made from glutinous rice and wheat
formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony
wine-drinking game
drunken shrimp (Chinese dish based on shrimps marinated in Chinese wine)
realgar wine (traditionally drunk during the Dragon Boat Festival 端午節|端午节)
  *醪* | 醪* | *醪
wine or liquor with sediment
Bacchus, Greek god of wine
wine sack, food bag (idiom); useless person, only fit for guzzling and boozing
chicken in rice wine / also translated drunken chicken
aperitif wine
old wine
  *墫* | 墫* | *墫
goblet / bottle / wine-jar
to warm up wine / wine served warm, generally referring to Chinese wine such as 黃酒 and 白酒
interest in wine / passion for drinking
  *甏* | 甏* | *甏
a squat jar for holding wine, sauces etc

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