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profit and loss / waxing and waning
  *衰* | 衰* | *衰
to decline / to wane / to become weak or feeble
to wane / to vanish gradually
everything that is evil
coming to an end / waning
(literary) to decline / to wane / title of a section in the Book of Songs 詩經|诗经
to decline / to wane / to decay / to deteriorate
waxing and waning (of the moon)
to decline / to wane
waning moon / to wane
to decline / to wane / weakened / enfeebled / in decline
waning moon
to be lacking / to fall short of / to wane / deficit / deficient
third quarter or waning moon
elegiac tablet
third quarter or waning moon
phases of moon, namely: new moon , first quarter or waxing moon 上弦, full moon and last quarter or waning moon 下弦

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