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  *真* | 真* | *真
really / truly / indeed / real / true / genuine
  *实* | 实* | *实
real / true / honest / really / solid / fruit / seed / definitely
  *灵* | 灵* | *灵
quick / alert / efficacious / effective / to come true / spirit / departed soul / coffin
true / real
genuine / real / true / genuinely
to be convinced (that sth is true) / to believe / to accept sth as true
to maintain (that sth is true) / to determine (a fact) / determination (of an amount) / of the firm opinion / to believe firmly / to set one's mind on / to identify with
to strike a pose (Chinese opera) / (fig.) to make a public appearance / to come out in public (revealing one's true personality, opinions etc) / (of a product) to appear on the market or at a trade show etc
really / actually / indeed / true / real / honest / dependable / (philosophy) reality
to think (i.e. to take it to be true that ...) (Usually there is an implication that the notion is mistaken – except when expressing one's own current opinion.)
indeed / really / reliable / real / true
to confirm (sth to be true) / to verify
true / sincere / genuine
  *确* | 确* | *确
authenticated / solid / firm / real / true
genuine or fake / true or false
true love
true or bogus / authenticity
realism / realistic portrayal / realistic / true to life
(coll.) leading light / true expert / badass
lifelike / true to life / distinctly / clearly
inherent qualities / natural qualities / distinctive character / true qualities
  *笃* | 笃* | *笃
serious (illness) / sincere / true
true love
to turn out to be true / verified / true
original shape / true appearance (under the disguise) / true character
admittedly (it's true that...)
the real meaning / the true essence
to come true
main subject of long novel / true biography
to have one's wishes come true / wish you the best!
what is true and what is false / (to get to know) the real situation
(to express one's) true feelings / what is on one's mind / secret mind
true or false? / correct or incorrect / to correct errors (in a document)
vivid and lifelike (idiom); true to life / realistic
the real body (of Buddha or a God) / true effigy
indeed / true! (I agree with you)
genuine goods at fair prices / (fig.) genuine / real / true
true / real
a dream come true
true statement / incantation (translates Sanskrit: dharani 陀羅尼|陀罗尼)
to return to one's true self / to regain the natural state
to accomplish one's ambition / a dream come true / to enjoy success
to imitate to perfection / to be remarkably true to life
to replace the current name or title of sth with a new one that reflects its true nature / rectification of names (a tenet of Confucian philosophy)
the 24 or 25 official dynastic histories / true history, as opposed to fictional adaptation or popular legends
vivid and colorful (idiom); true to life / lively and realistic
living spirit, living image (idiom); true to life / vivid and realistic
to become visible / to appear / to manifest one's true nature
serious / earnest / real / true
to come true / to come about as predicted / to be fulfilled
trustworthy / reliable / to believe something to be true
genuine people and true events
Ah Q, antihero of Lu Xun's influential 1921 novella The True Story of Ah Q Q正傳|阿Q正传
true colors / true features
loyal and devoted (idiom); faithful and true
to take sth to be true
affectionate and true / loyal (idiom)
the True God
urban legend (translation of recent Western term) / story or theory circulated as true / same as 都會傳奇|都会传奇
(confirm to be) true / authentic
to sound (old, foreign, exciting, right etc) / to ring (true) / to sound as if (i.e. to give the listener an impression) / to hear from somewhere
true sentiments are seen in hard times (idiom) / you see who your true friends are when you go through tough times together / you see who your true friends are when you are in difficulties
true motive / true feelings
urban legend (translation of recent Western term) / story or theory circulated as true / same as 都市傳奇|都市传奇
true color
absolutely true (idiom) / manifold / true from many points of view
The True Story of Ah Q, influential 1921 novella by Lu Xun 魯迅|鲁迅
the true way
real intention / true meaning / correct interpretation
lit. true religion / orthodox religion / orthodox Christianity / Islam (in the writing of Chinese or Hui theologians)
lit. not to know the true face of Lushan Mountain / fig. can't see the forest for the trees
highest true (non-falsetto) voice
to reveal the cloven foot (idiom); to unmask one's true nature / to give the game away
true affirmative (TA)
pretense that turns into reality (idiom); to play at make-believe, but accidentally make it true
just as distance determines the stamina of a horse, so does time reveal a person's true heart (proverb)
to reveal the cloven foot (idiom); to unmask one's true nature / to give the game away
falsetto / opposite: natural or true voice 真聲|真声
to show one's true nature (derog.) / to betray oneself
(idiom) half true and half false
Oh that's true! (interjection of sudden realization)
True gold fears no fire. (idiom)
true feelings
one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature (idiom)
equally true for (all the rest) / the same thing applies (for everyone)
(idiom) you can't rely on a verbal agreement / just because sb says sth, doesn't mean it's true
to keep close to the edge / near the mark / close to (the true figure) / relevant (used with negative to mean totally irrelevant)
daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it / a true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions / the buck stops here
to imitate to perfection / to be remarkably true to life
Zhang Zhixin (1930-1975) female revolutionary and martyr, who followed the true Marxist-Leninist line as a party member, and was arrested in 1969, murdered in 1975 after opposing the counterrevolutionary party-usurping conspiracies of Lin Biao and the Gang of Four, and only rehabilitated posthumously in 1979
true hero of Greenwood (refers to popular hero in Robin Hood style)
to show one's true colors
the storm put strong grass to the test (idiom); fig. troubled times test a faithful minister / to show one's true colors after a stern test / also written 疾風勁草|疾风劲草
to explain truly (esp. of classic or religious text) / true commentary / correct exegesis
(coll.) to be a true friend
lit. don't worry about not knowing goods, but about comparing them (proverb) / fig. goods' (or person's) true value can only be determined through comparison
the storm put strong grass to the test (idiom); fig. troubled times test a faithful minister / to show one's true colors after a stern test
can't judge true or false (idiom); unable to distinguish the genuine from the fake / not to know whether to believe (what one reads in the news)
what is true and what is fake
natural voice / modal voice / true voice / opposite: falsetto 假聲|假声

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