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  *干* | 干* | *干
tree trunk / main part of sth / to manage / to work / to do / capable / cadre / to kill (slang) / to fuck (vulgar)
  *标* | 标* | *标
mark / sign / label / to mark with a symbol, label, lettering etc / to bear (a brand name, registration number etc) / prize / award / bid / target / quota / (old) the topmost branches of a tree / visible symptom / classifier for military units
  *木* | 木* | *木
tree / wood / coffin / wooden / simple / numb / one of the eight ancient musical instruments 八音
roof / topmost part / top (of tree, wall etc) / apex
  *树* | 树* | *树
tree / CL: / to cultivate / to set up
  *杜* | 杜* | *杜
birchleaf pear (tree) / to stop / to prevent / to restrict
  *橙* | 橙* | *橙
orange tree / orange (color)
  *柯* | 柯* | *柯
tree branch / stem / ax handle
  *桑* | 桑* | *桑
mulberry tree
  *荆* | 荆* | *荆
chaste tree or berry (Vitex agnus-castus) / alternative name for the Zhou Dynasty state of Chu 楚國|楚国
jadeite / tree kingfisher
kapok (tree)
tree peony (Paeonia suffruticosa)
  *枚* | 枚* | *枚
classifier for coins, rings, badges, pearls, sporting medals, rockets, satellites etc / tree trunk / whip / wooden peg, used as a gag for marching soldiers (old)
  *桐* | 桐* | *桐
tree name (variously Paulownia, Firmiana or Aleurites)
hawthorn tree (rose family, genus Crataegus) / rose hip (hawthorn fruit)
tree leaves
edible tree fungus / CL:
  *株* | 株* | *株
tree trunk / stump (tree root) / a plant / classifier for trees or plants / strain (biology) / to involve others (in shady business)
palm tree
fruit tree / CL:
tree, esp. with recognizable trunk (as opposed to 灌木, bush or shrub)
ginkgo (tree with fan-shaped leaves and yellow seeds) / maidenhair tree
  *楷* | 楷* | *楷
Chinese pistachio tree (Pistacia chinensis)
wutong (Firmiana platanifolia) / Chinese parasol tree
pear tree
  *榕* | 榕* | *榕
banyan tree / Ficus wightiana
  *桦* | 桦* | *桦
birch tree / Betula japonica
  *槐* | 槐* | *槐
Chinese scholar tree (Sophora japonica) / Japanese pagoda tree
pine tree
willow tree / poplar and willow / name of traditional tune
pine / pine tree / CL:
white fungus (Tremella fuciformis) / silver tree-ear fungus
forest / forest tree
a legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken / a source of easy money (idiom)
  *椿* | 椿* | *椿
Chinese toon (Toona sinensis) / tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) / (literary metaphor) father
Chinese eaglewood / agarwood tree (Aquilaria agallocha) / lignum aloes
poplar tree / various trees of genus Populus
cedar tree / cedarwood
loquat tree (Eriobotrya japonica) / loquat fruit
Arbor Day (March 12th), also known as National Tree Planting Day 全民義務植樹日|全民义务植树日
tree species
Christmas tree
lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom); fig. to act as a loner / to stand out / to develop one's own school / to have attitude of one's own
tree trunk
tree bark
  *榛* | 榛* | *榛
hazel tree / Corylus heterophylla
  *枞* | 枞* | *枞
fir tree
shrub / small tree / sapling / CL:
genealogy / family tree
cypress tree / Taiwan pr. [bo2 shu4]
tea tree / Camellia sinensis
locust tree (Sophora japonica)
broad-leaved (tree)
to cut wood / tree-felling / lumbering
peach tree / CL:
plum tree
cotton tree (Bombax ceiba)
to take off / to remove (one's hat, a door from its hinges etc) / to pick (a piece of fruit from a tree etc) / (sports) to pick off (a rebound etc)
lit. only one branch of the tree is thriving (idiom) / fig. to be in a league of one's own / outstanding
spanning tree (in graph theory)
binary tree
shade (of a tree)
tree roots
(of an area) to have trees with shade-giving foliage / (of a road) to be tree-lined
  *榔* | 榔* | *榔
tall tree (archaic)
  *叒* | 叒* | *叒
old variant of / obedient / ancient mythical tree
lit. every tree or bush an enemy soldier (idiom); fig. to panic and treat everyone as an enemy / to feel beleaguered
(tree) graft
shade of a tree
needle-leaved (tree)
locust tree (Sophora japonica)
root bark of the peony tree (used in TCM)
rubber tree
apricot tree
pomelo tree (Citrus maxima or C. grandis) / shaddock / oriental grapefruit
orange (tree and fruit)
laurel (Laurus nobilis) / bay tree / bay leaf
pipal tree (Ficus religiosa) / bo fig tree / Bodhi tree (sacred to Buddhism and Hinduism)
  *杈* | 杈* | *杈
fork of a tree / pitchfork
  *杈* | 杈* | *杈
branches of a tree / fork of a tree
  *柘* | 柘* | *柘
a thorny tree / sugarcane / Cudrania triloba / three-bristle cudrania (Cudrania tricuspidata) / Chinese mulberry (Cudrania)
decision tree
It takes ten years to nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a man (idiom) / fig. a good education program takes a long time to develop / cf. 十年樹木百年樹人|十年树木百年树人
a family tree
pomegranate tree
lit. to graft flowers onto a tree / to surreptitiously substitute one thing for another (idiom)
lit. to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits (idiom) / to wait idly for opportunities / to trust to chance rather than show initiative
palm tree
olive tree
tree stump
lineage / genealogy / family tree
podocarp tree (Dacrydium pierrei)
breadfruit tree / Artocarpus altilis
mulberry tree, with leaves used to feed silkworms
arboreal / tree-dwelling
alder tree (genus Alnus)
the tip of a tree / treetop
dragon's blood (bright red tree resin)

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