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city / town / CL:
  *城* | 城* | *城
city walls / city / town / CL: , , 個|个
  *镇* | 镇* | *镇
to press down / to calm / to subdue / to suppress / to guard / garrison / small town / to cool or chill (food or drinks)
Chenggong or Chengkung town in Taitung County 臺東縣|台东县, southeast Taiwan
  *乡* | 乡* | *乡
country or countryside / native place / home village or town / township (PRC administrative unit)
small town / village
town / cities and towns
fair / market (in a public place) / small town
Chaozhou prefecture-level city in Guangdong 廣東省|广东省 / Chaochou town in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
small town
Jinsha county in Bijie prefecture 畢節地區|毕节地区, Guizhou / Chinsha town in Kinmen County 金門縣|金门县 (Kinmen or Quemoy islands), Taiwan
Great Bear / Big Dipper / Peitou town in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县, Taiwan
Nagchu town and prefecture in central Tibet
public transport vehicle / town bus / CL: 輛|辆
county seat / county town
Three Gorges on the Chang Jiang or Yangtze, namely: Qutang Gorge 瞿塘峽|瞿塘峡, Wuxia Gorge 巫峽|巫峡 and Xiling Gorge 西陵峽|西陵峡 / Sanxia or Sanhsia town in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
town planning
on the street / in town
Shangri-La (mythical location) / Shangri-La town and county in Dêqên or Diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture 迪慶藏族自治州|迪庆藏族自治州, northwest Yunnan / formerly Gyeltang or Gyalthang, Chinese 中甸 in Tibetan province of Kham
top 100 (e.g. top 100 towns)
Miyun town and county in Beijing
Barca (nickname for FC Barcelona) / Baza (town in Grenada, Spain)
to take a taxi (in town) / to hitch a lift
pouch / sack / bag / Budai (the Laughing Buddha) / Budai or Putai town in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县, west Taiwan
to go to town / to enter a big city (to live or work)
the Bocca Tigris, a narrow strait in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong / Humen Town 虎門鎮|虎门镇
towns and counties
ancient oasis town of Kroraina or Loulan on the Silk road near Lop Nor 羅布泊|罗布泊, modern Xinjiang
Baihe County in Ankang 安康, Shaanxi / Paiho town in Tainan County 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
Maotai town in Renhuai county, Guizhou / Maotai liquor 茅臺酒|茅台酒
Yanshui town in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
to besiege (a town)
Tungkang town in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
Alexander (name) / Alexandria (town name)
Yizhuang town in Beijing municipality
small town
Danshui or Tanshui town in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
Heping or Peace district (of many towns) / Heping district of Tianjin municipality 天津市 / Heping district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning
Kansai region, Japan / Guanxi or Kuanhsi town in Hsinchu County 新竹縣|新竹县, northwest Taiwan
Campbell (name) / Kampar, town in the state of Perak, Malaysia
Xinhua county in Loudi 婁底|娄底, Hunan / Hsinhua town in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
Homei town in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县, Taiwan
to return to one's home town
town headman / mayor (of small town or village) / bailiff
Zhouzhuang, old canal town between Shanghai and Suzhou, tourist attraction
Aalen, town in Germany
Yangmei town in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县, north Taiwan
Liege, town in Belgium
agreement between the residents of a , an administrative district under a city or town (Taiwan)
Jinhu county in Huai'an 淮安, Jiangsu / Chinhu town in Kinmen County 金門縣|金门县 (Kinmen or Quemoy islands), Taiwan
Zhushan county in Shiyan 十堰, Hubei / Zhushan or Chushan town in Nantou county 南投縣|南投县, central Taiwan
strategic town
Sha Tin town in New Territories, Hong Kong
casino town / nickname for Las Vegas
Chengguan town (common place name)
Tienchung town in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县, Taiwan / Tanaka (Japanese surname)
Everton (town in northwest England) / Everton soccer team
Pisa, town in Toscana, Italy
Longchuan county in Heyuan 河源, Guangdong / Ryongchon, town in North Korea
border town / remote town
Xintang, common town or village name / Xintang village in Guangdong province
Fenghuang Ancient Town, in Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan, added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2008 in the Cultural category
Guanshan or Kuanshan town in Taitung County 臺東縣|台东县, southeast Taiwan
Brighton, town in England
Clermont (French town) / Claremont, California
person from the same village, town, or province
Cape Town (city in South Africa)
Montpellier (French town)
one's home town or village
ancestral home (town) / birthplace
Barkam town (Tibetan: 'bar khams), capital of Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture 阿壩藏族羌族自治州|阿坝藏族羌族自治州, northwest Sichuan
Xihu district of Benxi city 本溪市, Liaoning / Hsihu town in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县, Taiwan
Yuen Long town in northwest New Territories, Hong Kong
Saigon, capital of former South Vietnam / Sai Kung town in New Territories, Hong Kong
Malacca or Melaka (town and state in Malaysia), also strait between Malaysia and Sumatra
urbanization level (of a city or town)
Kangshan town in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县, southwest Taiwan / Okayama prefecture in southwest of Japan's main island Honshū 本州
Daxi or Tahsi town in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县, north Taiwan
Liangxiang town in Beijing municipality
Humen Town, also known as Taiping 太平, a town within Dongguan prefecture-level city 東莞市|东莞市, Guangdong
Kenting Town, at tourist resort in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, south Taiwan
Nürnberg or Nuremberg, town in Bavaria, Germany
Lijiang old town (in Yunnan)
marketplace / town / the street (urban milieu) / the haunts of the common people
Evian, mineral water company / Évian-les-Bains, resort and spa town in south-eastern France
Bonn, a small town on the Rhine, Cold War capital of West Germany 1949-1990
Manas, hero of Kyrghiz epic saga / Manas county and town in Changji Hui autonomous prefecture 昌吉回族自治州, Xinjiang
Kunyang town and former county in Yunnan
Matsushima (name) / Matsushima town and national park in Miyagi prefecture, Japan
Leuven (a town in Belgium famous for its university)
Xiaotangshan town in Beijing municipality
Chinsha town in Kinmen County 金門縣|金门县 (Kinmen or Quemoy islands), Taiwan
memorial hall to Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮|诸葛亮 (many of them in different town) / refers to tourist attraction in Chengdu 成都
Caen (French town)
Toucheng town in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan
the multitudes come out from everywhere, emptying every alleyway (to celebrate) / the whole town turns out
Habel, Haber or Hubbell (name) / Harbel (town in Liberia)
Bastia (French town on Corsica island)
Queenstown, town in New Zealand

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