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  *音* | 音* | *音
sound / noise / note (of musical scale) / tone / news / syllable / reading (phonetic value of a character)
  *调* | 调* | *调
to transfer / to move (troops or cadres) / to investigate / to enquire into / accent / view / argument / key (in music) / mode (music) / tune / tone / melody
  *声* | 声* | *声
sound / voice / tone / noise / reputation / classifier for sounds
  *吕* | 吕* | *吕
pitchpipe, pitch standard, one of the twelve semitones in the traditional tone system
tone / sound quality / timbre
tone / manner of speaking / mood / CL: 個|个
hue / tone
first tone in Mandarin (high, level tone)
tone of voice / the way one speaks / manner of expression / tone
loose / slack / (fig.) to soften (policies, tone of voice) / to give some slack / (of a place) not crowded
to reveal (indirectly, implicitly) / to show (interest, contempt etc) by means of one's actions, tone of voice etc
quietly / softly / neutral tone / light stress
sentiment / tone and mood / taste
toner (cosmetics)
medial and final of a Chinese syllable (excluding initial consonant and tone) / the rhyming part of a Chinese syllable / rhyme / vowel / character used in traditional phonetics to indicate value of rhyme / final sound / phoneme
tone / note / a tone (on a Chinese syllable) / CL: 個|个
caller ring-back tone (CRBT) / ring-back tone (RBT)
one's speaking voice / tone / implication
  *嘞* | 嘞* | *嘞
sentence-final particle similar to , but carrying a tone of approval
pitch of voice (high or low) / pitch (of a musical note) / tone
skin toner
music / rhyme and rhythm / initial, , and final and tone, 韻|韵, of a Chinese character / phoneme
the tone of a school / campus atmosphere
tone of voice / timbre
  *挫* | 挫* | *挫
obstructed / to fail / to oppress / to repress / to lower the tone / to bend back / to dampen
to discuss in whispered tones / whispered conversation
tone / timbre / sound color
smell of gunpowder / (fig.) combative tone / belligerence
tone (of voice) / tune
skin toner
pure tone
to set the tone
tone sandhi / modified tone / (music) to change key / modulation
meaning behind the words / what sb really means to say / one's intentions as revealed in one's words / tone of speech
pitch (music) / tone
to read aloud / to recite rhythmically / to chant / to intone (esp. poems in rhythm)
tune / melody / tuning / cadence / intonation / (speech) tone
evenly rising tone, the second tone of putonghua
tone of voice / connotation in intonation / accent (regional etc) / snout / muzzle / lips / protruding portion of an animal's face
lit. to fix the tone with a single hammer blow / fig. to make the final decision
musical note / tone
the four tones of Middle Chinese: level tone 平聲|平声, rising tone 上聲|上声, departing tone 去聲|去声 and entering tone 入聲|入声 / the four tones of Modern Standard Mandarin
traditional system expressing the phonetic value of a Chinese character using two other characters, the first for the initial consonant, the second for the rhyme and tone
ordinary tones / everyday harmony / common chord
keynote / principal tone / tonic / vowel
level and oblique tones (technical term for Classical Chinese rhythmic poetry)
  *仄* | 仄* | *仄
to tilt / narrow / uneasy / oblique tones (in Chinese poetry)
second tone
(of writing) tone / style
third tone in Mandarin / falling-rising tone
second tone in Mandarin / rising tone
same tone / in agreement with / homology (invariant of a topological space in math.)
first tone in Mandarin / high, level tone
hole in the body of a musical instrument, covered with a membrane which produces a buzzing tone
short in time / fleeting / brief / gasping (breath) / curt (tone of voice)
rising tone (phonetics, e.g. on a question in English)
falling and rising tone / third tone in modern Mandarin
high and level tone, the first tone of putonghua
warm tone / warm color
tone deaf / unable to sing in tune
level or even tone / first and second tones in modern Mandarin
fourth tone in Mandarin / falling tone
sobbing tone / sob / dirge / opera tune portraying mourning
falling tone / fourth tone in modern Mandarin
tone mark on a Chinese syllable (i.e. accents on ā á ǎ à) / (music) key signature
standard pronunciation / standard tone (e.g. A = 440 Hz)
to have a tone mark
keypad tone / key tone
entering tone / checked tone / one of the four tones of Middle Chinese
melody / pitch or key (music) / tone / style / point of view
pitch of tones
tone of voice / topic / subject under discussion
ringback tone
rhyming dictionary / traditional Chinese phonetic dictionary with words ordered first by four tones 四聲|四声 then rhyme 韻|韵 (i.e. medial consonant and final)
voice / tone / information
Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd (GTCOM), Chinese big data and AI company
tone of a character
tone-arm (tracking arm of gramophone)
oblique tone / nonlevel tone / uneven tone (the third tone of Classical Chinese)
fundamental tone
membrane which covers a hole in a flute and produces a buzzing tone
whole tone (musical interval)
dial tone
tone of one's voice when asking a rhetorical question
the best part of the show is yet to come / (with ironic tone) the worst is yet to come / you ain't seen nothin' yet
manner of speech / tone of voice
to set the tone
rhyme and tone / intonation
in a whisper / in stealthy tones
to restrict to even tone (i.e. final rhyming syllable must be classical first or second tone 平聲|平声)
tones of the musical scale
nine tones and six modes (tonal system of Cantonese and other southern languages)
evenly rising tone, the second tone of putonghua
toner (laser printing)
high and level tone, the first tone of putonghua
same as 入聲|入声 / entering tone
Longkan Shoujian, Chinese character dictionary from 997 AD containing 26,430 entries, with radicals placed into 240 rhyme groups and arranged according to the four tones, and the rest of the characters similarly arranged under each radical
tone sandhi
tone deaf
(Tw) ringback tone (heard by the originator of a telephone call)

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