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maternal aunt / step-mother / childcare worker / nursemaid / woman of similar age to one's parents (term of address used by child) / CL: 個|个
condition / circumstances / term / factor / requirement / prerequisite / qualification / CL: 個|个
term / semester / CL: 個|个
word (general term including monosyllables through to short phrases) / term (e.g. technical term) / expression
  *项* | 项* | *项
back of neck / item / thing / term (in a mathematical formula) / sum (of money) / classifier for principles, items, clauses, tasks, research projects etc
brothers / younger brother / CL: 個|个 / I, me (humble term used by men in public speech) / brotherly / fraternal
mission / long-term task to which one devotes oneself / a calling
at set dates / at regular intervals / periodic / limited to a fixed period of time / fixed term
name / term of address / title
long term / long time / long range (of a forecast)
  *者* | 者* | *者
(after a verb or adjective) one who (is) ... / (after a noun) person involved in ... / -er / -ist / (used after a number or 後|后 or to refer to sth mentioned previously) / (used after a term, to mark a pause before defining the term) / (old) (used at the end of a command) / (old) this
dictionary entry / lexical item / term
  *京* | 京* | *京
capital city of a country / big / algebraic term for a large number (old) / artificial mound (old)
  *金* | 金* | *金
gold / chemical element Au / generic term for lustrous and ductile metals / money / golden / highly respected / one of the eight categories of ancient musical instruments 八音
  *期* | 期* | *期
a period of time / phase / stage / classifier for issues of a periodical, courses of study / time / term / period / to hope / Taiwan pr. [qi2]
  *馆* | 馆* | *馆
building / shop / term for certain service establishments / embassy or consulate / schoolroom (old) / CL:
  *明* | 明* | *明
bright / opposite: dark / (of meaning) clear / to understand / next / public or open / wise / generic term for a sacrifice to the gods
  *IP* | IP* | *IP
intellectual property (in China, esp. since 2015, often used as an entertainment industry term for a creative work used as the basis of a new product, such as a manga adapted as a tv series, or the image of a cartoon character appearing on merchandise)
  *乘* | 乘* | *乘
four horse military chariot (archaic) / four (archaic) / generic term for history books
  *棉* | 棉* | *棉
generic term for cotton or kapok / cotton / padded or quilted with cotton
short term / short time
editor or creator of online content (diminutive term, often used to refer to oneself: I, me, this writer)
  *娅* | 娅* | *娅
address term between sons-in-law
foundation of a University or College / school opening / the start of a new term
North Korea / Korea as geographic term / Taiwan pr. [Chao2 xian1]
nickname / diminutive / term of endearment / to nickname
term / terminology
solar term
the current period / this term (usually in finance)
eldest of father's younger brothers / uncle (term used to address a man about the age of one's father)
calabash or bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) / hoist / generic term for block and tackle (or parts thereof) / muddled / (poker) full house
Han Dynasty term for the Roman Empire 羅馬帝國|罗马帝国
endurance / long-term continuous travel or use
(literary) youngster / (old) young fellow (term of address used by the older generation) / (old) I, me (used in speaking to one's elders)
(coll.) father's older brother / uncle / term of respect for older man
middle (of a period of time) / medium-term (plan, forecast etc)
small bird / young bird (hatchling, nestling, fledgling, chick) / (fig.) penis (kiddie term) / (golf) birdie
choice of words / wording / phraseology / term
end of term
short term / short-term
  *禽* | 禽* | *禽
generic term for birds and animals / birds / to capture (old)
(of a child) well-behaved / obediently / (term of endearment for a child) darling / sweetie
long-term / long-range
girl / servant girl / (used deprecatingly, but sometimes also as a term of endearment)
Chinese Dream (i.e. the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation), term associated with Xi Jinping 習近平|习近平
pipeline / general term for pipes, cables etc
father's elder brother's wife / aunt (affectionate term for an elderly woman)
term of office / CL: 屆|届 / tenure (entire period in office)
benefactor (term used by a monk to address a layperson) / donor (semiconductor)
spinach / CL: / (slang) alternative term for 博彩, lottery
laser (loanword) / Taiwanese term for 激光
south of the five ranges / old term for south China, esp. Guangdong and Guangxi
elder / term of respect for a Buddhist monk
little demon (term of endearment for a child) / mischievous child / imp
the end of fixed period in office / expiration of a term
remainder term (math.) / remainder / residue
short term
many-headed / many-layered (authority) / devolved (as opposed to centralized) / pluralistic / (as classifier) number of animals / long term (finance) / long (investment)
galley proof (printing) / unimpressive / (coll.) little guy (mild insult also used as an affectionate term)
  *抚* | 抚* | *抚
to comfort / to console / to stroke / to caress / an old term for province or provincial governor
foreign teacher (abbr. for 外國教師|外国教师) / greenhorn / novice / amateurish / religion other than Buddhism (term used by Buddhists)
big sister / elder sister / older sister (also polite term of address for a girl or woman slightly older than the speaker)
commonly referred to as / common term
honey (term of endearment) (loanword)
forest of apricot trees / (fig.) honorific term for fine doctor (cf Dr Dong Feng 董奉, 3rd century AD, asked his patients to plant apricot trees instead of paying fees)
devils / refers to 日本鬼子, wartime term insult for Japanese
to be collectively called / collective term / general designation
network (computer, telecom) / Internet / Taiwanese term for 網絡|网络
long term
boss / sir (person with a leading role in an organization) / (after a surname) high ranking commander in the PLA / (Qing dynasty) high ranking government official / (old) courteous term used by the general populace in addressing a rank-and-file soldier or police officer
colloquial term for 生肖 the animals associated with the years of a 12-year cycle
long-term / at a fixed date in the future (e.g. for repayment) / abbr. for 遠期合約|远期合约
the mass line, CCP term for Party policy aimed at broadening and cultivating contacts with the masses
to crash (of a computer) / Taiwanese term for 當機|当机
Master (term used by servant) / Your Majesty / operator (of machine)
elder brother / term of respect for a man of about the same age
flavored roasted seaweed / generic term for edible seaweed / Japanese: nori
  *卿* | 卿* | *卿
high ranking official (old) / term of endearment between spouses (old) / (from the Tang Dynasty onwards) term used by the emperor for his subjects (old) / honorific (old)
common term / general term
menfolk (collective term for men of different generations) / husbands and their fathers etc
father's elder brother / term of respect for older man / CL: 個|个
valve (esp. tire valve) / accelerator (obsolete term for 油門|油门) / stigma (zool.) / spiracle
generic term
senior official / senior officer / commanding officer / CL: / sir (term of address for senior officer)
  *戎* | 戎* | *戎
generic term for weapons (old) / army (matters) / military affairs
(literary) the vast sky / (finance) eventual downturn / poor prospects in the long term
gonorrhea (TCM term) / more commonly known as 淋病
short-term loan
to await job assignment (term used only in mainland China)
time of death / limited to a fixed period of time / fixed term
to study abroad (old term) / same as 留學|留学
technical term / proper noun
Buddha (term of respect for Sakyamuni 釋迦牟尼|释迦牟尼) / His Holiness (refers to a Buddhist grandee) / Buddha / God / emperor / in late Qing court, refers exclusively to Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后
to poo poo (kiddie or feminine term) / also pr. [bian3 bian3]
in a way that justifies the use of the term / genuine / proper / in a way that conforms to logic / justifiable / appropriate / perfectly legitimate
lit. sea of bitterness / abyss of worldly suffering (Buddhist term) / depths of misery
Wei, Jin and North-South dynasties / generic term for historic period 220-589 between Han and Sui
lit. spring wind and rain (idiom); fig. the long-term influence of a solid education
to continue in (a political) office / to serve for another term of office

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