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to sink into / to get caught up in / to land in (a predicament)
  *沉* | 沉* | *沉
to submerge / to immerse / to sink / to keep down / to lower / to drop / deep / profound / heavy
  *落* | 落* | *落
to fall or drop / (of the sun) to set / (of a tide) to go out / to lower / to decline or sink / to lag or fall behind / to fall onto / to rest with / to get or receive / to write down / whereabouts / settlement
to sink down
to fall into water / to sink / overboard / fig. to degenerate / to sink (into depravity) / to go to the dogs
to sink down to / to be reduced to (sth inferior)
pond / pool / sink / washbasin
to sink
lit. sinking and floating / to bob up and down on water / ebb and flow / fig. rise and fall / ups and downs of fortune / vicissitudes
to sink into (vice, depravity etc) / to pass into oblivion / downfall / passing
to subside / to sink / to cave in
heat sink
  *陷* | 陷* | *陷
pitfall / trap / to get stuck / to sink / to cave in / to frame (false charge) / to capture (a city in battle) / to fall (to the enemy) / defect
ups and downs (of life etc) / to drift along / to sink and emerge
bathroom sink / wash basin
shipwreck / sunken boat / sinking ship
  *沦* | 沦* | *沦
to sink (into ruin, oblivion) / to be reduced to
lit. to throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea (idiom) / fig. to elicit no response
bathroom sink / wash basin
to stay for a time / to stop over / to lodge / to sink down (into soft ground) / leftovers
lit. to break the cauldrons and sink the boats (idiom); fig. to cut off one's means of retreat / to burn one's boats
carbon credits / carbon sink
to kneel down / to sink to one's knees / to grovel
to attack and sink (a ship)
commode / dressing table / sink
lit. fish sink, goose alights (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子); fig. female beauty captivating even the birds and beasts
a shipwreck / a sinking
to sink / to fall
When the tree topples the monkeys scatter. (idiom); fig. an opportunist abandons an unfavorable cause / Rats leave a sinking ship.
lit. water may keep the boat afloat but may also sink it (proverb) / fig. the people can support a regime or overturn it / if sth is used properly, one can benefit from it, otherwise it can do harm / things can be double-edged
washing tank / sink
caisson / sink box
  *眍* | 眍* | *眍
to sink in (of eyes)
kitchen sink
lit. grasshoppers tied together with a piece of string (idiom) / fig. people who are in it together for better or worse / people who will sink or swim together
to capsize and sink
to sink sb to the bottom of a pond (a kind of private punishment, especially for unfaithful wives)
to sink / to drown
to sink into oblivion / to be lost to memory / to vanish
lit. the fish sinks, the goose vanishes into the distance (idiom); a letter does not arrive / lost in transmission
A small hole not plugged will sink a great ship.
carbon sink
to sink / to settle
kitchen counter (generally including sink, food preparation area and gas range) (Tw)
to sink in (of eyes)

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