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  *他* | 他* | *他
he or him / (used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant) / (used before sb's name for emphasis) / (used as a meaningless mock object) / other / another
gender / sex
sex appeal / eroticism / sexuality / sexy
  *性* | 性* | *性
nature / character / property / quality / attribute / sexuality / sex / gender / suffix forming adjective from verb / suffix forming noun from adjective, corresponding to -ness or -ity / essence / CL: 個|个
  *色* | 色* | *色
color / CL: 種|种 / look / appearance / sex
that one / that thing / that (as opposed to this) / (used before a verb or adjective for emphasis) / (used to humorously or indirectly refer to sth embarrassing, funny etc, or when one can't think of the right word) / (used in speech as a filler, similar to "umm", "you know" etc) / (euph.) menstruation / sex / also pr. [nei4 ge5]
woman / the female sex
pornography / sex
the male sex / a male
the opposite sex / of the opposite sex / heterosexual / different in nature
to denature / denaturation / to have a sex change / transsexual
fried rice / (slang) (Tw) to have sex
sex scandal
sex / lovemaking
(loanword) party (social gathering) / (Tw) party (typically associated with sex and drugs)
attractive force (such as gravitation) / sex appeal / attractiveness
sex education
sex hormone
(TCM) to build up one's kidney yang / to boost male sex drive
(slang) very close same-sex friend / gay partner
to go to bed / (coll.) to have sex
sex scene (in a movie etc)
sex life
to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex (idiom)
(slang) to have sex / jig-a-jig
employment as sex worker / prostitution
rouge and powder / (fig.) the fair sex
to open fire with artillery / to set off firecrackers / to make one's stage debut / (slang) to have sex / to masturbate
to run a red light / failing to stop at a red traffic light / (slang) to have sex with a girl while she is menstruating
to want sex / given to lust / lecherous / lascivious / horny
to tease a woman by pretending to be displeased with her / to flirt with a member of the opposite sex / to banter flirtatiously
to seduce / to lead into sex
perfunctory / careless / drifting along / resigned to one's fate / improper (relations) / illicit (sex)
to trade sex for favorable treatment (career advancement, higher grades, rent-free accommodation etc) / to sleep in the same bed as one's child
(of a ghost) to make strange things happen / to act up / to act behind the scenes / to make mischief / odd / to misbehave (euphemism for having sex)
food and sex / appetite and lust
twins of mixed sex
lit. car shaking / car sex
age when girls start to develop feelings for the opposite sex / puberty
gamete / sex cell
the sex industry
sex ratio
premarital sex
sex discrimination / sexism
sex partner
sex fiend / molester / sex attacker / sex demon (a spirit that enters people's souls and makes them desire sex)
sex drive
sex service industry
wine, sex, avarice and temper (idiom); four cardinal vices
Appetite and lust are only natural (Mencius 6A:4). / By nature we desire food and sex.
coloration / hue / sex / sex appeal
(coll.) to have sex
"ants climbing a tree", a Sichuan dish made with cellophane noodles 粉絲|粉丝 and ground meat (so called because the particles of meat clinging to the noodles look like ants on the twigs of a tree) / (sex position) man standing, woman clinging to his upper body / (erotic massage) full-body licking
love egg (sex toy)
to have sex / to copulate
prostitution / commercial sex / the sex trade
adult product / sex toy
blatant / unsubtle / frank / (of sex, violence etc) explicit
equality of the sexes
gonad / sex gland
homosexual (a reference to Brokeback Mountain 斷背山|断背山, a 2005 movie about a same-sex relationship)
paying more attention to a lover than friends (idiom) / to value sex over friendship
to trick sb into having sex
to add interest (to a story) / to sex up
flowery writing / writing concerning love and sex
(slang) friend with benefits / casual sex partner
sex fluids
to seek happiness elsewhere (euphemism for extramarital sex) / a bit on the side
sex scandal
dog paddle (swimming style) / doggy style (sex position)
sex-crazed woman
reproductive gland / gonad / sex organ
to seduce (into sex)
The Second Sex (book by Simone de Beauvoir)
opposite polarities attract / (fig.) opposite sexes attract / opposites attract
greedy for sex / given to lust for women
to have sex / to have sexual intercourse
oral sex
lit. stolen scent, pilfered jade (idiom); philandering / secret illicit sex
sex scene (in a movie etc)
intercrural sex
love egg (sex toy)
equality between the sexes
oral sex
to receive oral sex from a prostitute
sex maniac
to wallow in alcohol and sex (idiom); overindulgence in wine and women / an incorrigible drunkard and lecher
to stir up lust / to promote sex / to encourage licentiousness
to promote sex and violence / to stir up lust and covetousness
to be perverse and suggestive towards the opposite sex, but shrinking back when provoked to act on it / to have perverted thoughts but no guts to actually do it / to be all talk and no action
to have sex with a prostitute
heterosexual sex
sex toy
oral sex / fellatio
same-sex marriage / gay marriage
(slang) to have sex outdoors or in a public place
to lose one's head over lust / sex-crazy (idiom)
to turn green at the mention of sex / prudish
case involving sex scandal (law)

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