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  *马* | 马* | *马
surname Ma / abbr. for Malaysia 馬來西亞|马来西亚
Malaya / Malaysia
Malaysian language
  *斤* | 斤* | *斤
catty / (PRC) weight equal to 500 g / (Tw) weight equal to 600 g / (HK, Malaysia, Singapore) slightly over 604 g
Perak (state of Malaysia)
Furong district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan / Seremban, capital of Sembilan state 森美蘭|森美兰, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia
abbr. for 國民大會|国民大会, National Assembly of the Republic of China (extant during various periods between 1913 and 2005) / abbr. for 新加坡國立大學|新加坡国立大学, National University of Singapore (NUS) / abbr. for 印度國民大會黨|印度国民大会党, Indian National Congress (INC) / abbr. for 馬來西亞印度國民大會黨|马来西亚印度国民大会党, Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC)
Campbell (name) / Kampar, town in the state of Perak, Malaysia
pan mee, aka banmian, a Hakka noodle soup dish, popular in Malaysia
table tennis / table tennis ball (Tw) / billiards / pool / snooker (HK, Singapore, Malaysia)
abbr. for Singapore 新加坡 and Malaysia 馬來西亞|马来西亚
Johor (state of Malaysia at south of Malayan peninsula)
Spratly Islands, disputed between China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam
Putrajaya, federal administrative territory of Malaysia, south of Kuala Lumpur city 吉隆坡市
Penang (state in Malaysia)
ringgit (Malaysian currency unit)
Malaysian person or people
Malaysian (language)
Kelantan (state of Malaysia)
Mahathir bin Mohamad (1925-), Malaysian politician, prime minister 1981-2003 and 2018-2020
Malaysian language
Kuching (city in Malaysia)
Malaysia Airlines
Borneo island (of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei)
Pahang province of Malaysia
Labuan, island territory of Malaysia off Sabah coast, north Borneo 婆羅洲|婆罗洲
Sin Chew Daily, Malaysian newspaper
Sembilan, state of southwest Malaysia
Selangor (Malaysia)
Kangar city, capital of Perlis state 玻璃市, Malaysia
Kota Kinabalu (capital of Sabah state, Malaysia)
bak-kut-teh or pork ribs soup, popular in Malaysia and Singapore
Sarawak, state of Malaysia in northwest Borneo 婆羅洲|婆罗洲
Penang Pulau (Island), Malaysia / also written 檳榔嶼|槟榔屿
Anwar (name) / Anwar bin Ibrahim (1947-), Malaysian politician, deputy prime minister 1993-1998, imprisoned 1999-2004 on charges including alleged homosexual acts, subsequently overturned
Perlis, state of Malaysia adjacent to Thailand, capital Kangar 加央
HDB flats / public apartment flats (in Singapore and Malaysia)
Malacca or Melaka (town and state in Malaysia), also strait between Malaysia and Sumatra
UMNO (United Malays National Organisation), Malaysia's largest political party
(Singapore, Malaysia) taxi (loanword)
Port Dickson (holiday destination in Malaysia)
Alor Star city, capital of Kedah state in northwest Malaysia
Klang (city in Malaysia)
Kedah, state of northwest Malaysia, capital Alor Star 亞羅士打|亚罗士打
Johor (state in Malaysia)
Ku Hung-ming or Gu Hongming (1857-1928), Malaysian man of letters, highly regarded for his literary works written mostly in English, and known for his monarchist views
Kelantan sultanate of Malaysia, near Thai border, capital Kota Baharu 哥打巴魯|哥打巴鲁
Kota Bharu, city in Malaysia on border with Thailand, capital of Kelantan sultanate
Penang Pulau (Island), Malaysia
Straits of Johor (between Malaysia and Singapore)
Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party
Kinta valley and river in Perak, Malaysia
Spratly Islands, disputed between China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam / same as 南沙群島|南沙群岛
Sabah, state of Malaysia in north Borneo 婆羅洲|婆罗洲
Johor Bahru (city in Malaysia)
Terengganu, northeast state of mainland Malaysia
(bird species of China) Malaysian plover (Charadrius peronii)
(bird species of China) Malaysian hawk-cuckoo (Hierococcyx fugax)
Perak (state of Malaysia)
Kelantan River of Malaysia, near Thai border
Kinta River in Perak, Malaysia
Ipoh city in Malaysia, capital of Sultanate of Perak on Malayan peninsula
Michael Wong (1970-), Malaysian Chinese singer and composer
Kuala Terengganu, capital of Terengganu state, Malaysia
Ipoh city in Malaysia, capital of Sultanate of Perak on Malayan peninsula
ringgit (monetary unit of Malaysia) (loanword)
Fish Leong (1978-), Malaysian pop singer / also Leong Chui Peng or Jasmine Leong

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