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lip / CL:
  *抿* | 抿* | *抿
purse up (lips) / to smooth
  *唇* | 唇* | *唇
lip gloss
Liping county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州, Guizhou
lip balm / lipstick
to close by coming together (like the lips of a wound, the doors of an elevator, the walls of a channel) / to close by connecting in a loop (like a circuit) / closed-loop
to curl one's lip / to twitch one's mouth
to close up / to heal (of wound) / to keep one's lips sealed
lower lip
lit. as close as lips and teeth (idiom); closely related / interdependent
to smack one's lips
lit. lips and teeth (idiom); fig. close partners / interdependent
lit. lips / fig. glib talk
to pout / to stick out one's lips
widely known / on everyone's lips
outward devotion but inner opposition (idiom); to pay lip service / to agree overtly, but oppose in secret
(onom.) patter, splatter, click / to smack one's lips / to pull (on a pipe)
  *磭* | 磭* | *磭
big lip
argument / words / lips and tongue
upper lip / (entomology) labrum
lit. without the lips, the teeth feel the cold (idiom); fig. intimately interdependent
(idiom) reluctant to speak about it / tight-lipped
your lips say one thing, but your body language reveals what you really think (four-character version of 口嫌體正直|口嫌体正直)
bitten-lips look (darker lipstick applied on the inner part of the lips, and lighter on the outer part)
to smear one's lips with the blood of a sacrifice as a means of pledging allegiance (old)
  *呡* | 呡* | *呡
the corners of the mouth / the lips
to have loose lips
to lip-sync (singing)
your lips say one thing, but your body language reveals what you really think (borrowed from Japanese)
lit. to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle (idiom); tight-lipped / reticent / not breathing a word
Cervus albirostris (white-lipped deer)
tight / stretched / (face, lips) taut / strained
hare lip (birth defect)
  *㗂* | 㗂* | *㗂
variant of / tight-lipped / to examine / to watch / to scour (esp. Cantonese)
to lip-sync
lips-mark / hickey
to lip-sync
the lip or vibrating end of a reed in a wind instrument
tone of voice / connotation in intonation / accent (regional etc) / snout / muzzle / lips / protruding portion of an animal's face
cleft lip and palate
five sense organs of TCM (nose, eyes, lips, tongue, ears 鼻目口舌耳) / facial features
epipharynx (entomology) / inner part of the lip
to extend / to push out (hands as a gesture) / to pout (i.e. push out lips)
to move one's lips / to wag one's tongue
(onom.) smacking the lips
  *咂* | 咂* | *咂
to sip / to smack one's lips / to taste / to savor
lip gloss
to lip-read / lipreading
mouth / in the mouth / on one's lips / speech / words
lip synching
to pay lip service to / to keep mentioning (without doing anything) / to blather on about sth
lit. cherry mouth (idiom) / fig. a delicate, ruby-lipped mouth
to smear the lips with blood when taking an oath (idiom) / to swear a sacred oath
to moisten one's lips / to sip (wine, tea etc) / esp. used with negatives: never touch a drop of the stuff
to have lips covered in blisters
chapstick / lip balm
white teeth and vermilion lips (idiom); lovely young woman
chap (lips, skin etc)
to wear out one's lips (idiom) / to talk until one is blue in the face / to repeat again and again
to refuse to say anything about (idiom) / to remain tight-lipped / to avoid mentioning
lit. a donkey's lips do not match a horse's mouth (idiom) / fig. beside the point / incongruous
lit.camel's lip, horse's mouth (idiom) / fig. to chatter / nonsense / blather
Liping county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州, Guizhou
to approve by nodding one's head and smacking one's lips (idiom)

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