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  *空* | 空* | *空
empty / air / sky / in vain
  *空* | 空* | *空
to empty / vacant / unoccupied / space / leisure / free time
  *孔* | 孔* | *孔
hole / CL: 個|个 / classifier for cave dwellings
Hong Kong
  *孔* | 孔* | *孔
surname Kong
Shenzhen subprovincial city in Guangdong, special economic zone close to Hong Kong
Hong Kong shares
  *港* | 港* | *港
Hong Kong (abbr. for 香港) / surname Gang
Kowloon district of Hong Kong
  *控* | 控* | *控
to control / to accuse / to charge / to sue / to invert a container to empty it / (suffix) (slang) buff / enthusiast / devotee / -phile or -philia
XO sauce, a spicy seafood sauce invented in Hong Kong in the 1980s
(ironically) mainland China (Taiwan & Hong Kong usage)
Hong Kong dollar
Tin Hau, Empress of Heaven, another name for the goddess Matsu 媽祖|妈祖 / Tin Hau (Hong Kong area around the MTR station with same name)
Hong Kong and Taiwan
mainland China (PRC excluding Hong Kong and Macau, but including islands such as Hainan) / Japan (used in Taiwan during Japanese colonization)
Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong airline)
King Kong
Wong Tai Sin district of Kowloon, Hong Kong
population (counted as number of households for census or taxation) / registered residence / residence permit / (in Hong Kong and Macau) bank account
Sony (former name of the company used prior to 2009 in some markets including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, now replaced by 索尼 in all markets)
BaiSheng, common name for Chinese company / PakSing, common Hong Kong company name
Hong Kong 香港, Macao 澳門|澳门 and Taiwan 臺灣|台湾
foreign enterprise / company established in mainland China with direct investment from foreign entities or from investors in Taiwan, Macao or Hong Kong / abbr. for 外資企業|外资企业
Hong Kong Island / abbr. for 香港島|香港岛
Dabu County in Meizhou 梅州, Guangdong / Tai Po district of New Territories, Hong Kong / Dabu or Tabu Township in Chiayi County 嘉義縣|嘉义县, west Taiwan
Yuen Long town in northwest New Territories, Hong Kong
whole territory of Hong Kong
New Territories (in Hong Kong)
Sheung Shui (area in Hong Kong)
Sha Tin town in New Territories, Hong Kong
Central, Hong Kong Island
Admiralty, Hong Kong
Hong Kong currency / Hong Kong dollar
Sham Tseng (area in Hong Kong)
Shenzhen and Hong Kong
red chip stocks (Chinese company stocks incorporated outside mainland China and listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange)
Dagong Bao, popular newspaper name / Ta Kung Pao, newspaper founded 1902 in Beijing, now published in Hong Kong
Chuk Yuen (place in Hong Kong)
abbr. for 信報財經新聞|信报财经新闻, Hong Kong Economic Journal
Wan Chai district of Hong Kong
Mong Kok (area in Hong Kong)
Gongbo'gyamda county, Tibetan: Kong po rgya mda' rdzong, in Nyingchi prefecture 林芝地區|林芝地区, Tibet
one country, two systems (PRC proposal regarding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)
Mark Six (Hong Kong lotto game)
Tsim Sha Tsui, urbanized area in Hong Kong
Sha Tau Kok (town in Hong Kong)
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge
  *倥* | 倥* | *倥
ignorant / blank-minded
  *倥* | 倥* | *倥
urgent / pressed
  *爌* | 爌* | *爌
see 爌肉
Sing Tao, Hong Kong media group and publisher of Sing Tao Daily 星島日報|星岛日报
Hang Hau (area in Hong Kong)
  *箜* | 箜* | *箜
ancient harp / cf 箜篌, Chinese harp
long gown / cheongsam / traditional Asian dress for men or (in Hong Kong) women's qipao
Saigon, capital of former South Vietnam / Sai Kung town in New Territories, Hong Kong
Wen Wei Po (Hong Kong newspaper) / Wenhui News (Shanghai newspaper)
Tuen Mun district of New Territories, Hong Kong
Hong Kong government
Po Lam (area in Hong Kong)
Hung Hom, a locality in Kowloon, Hong Kong
  *焢* | 焢* | *焢
see 焢肉
  *崆* | 崆* | *崆
name of a mountain
to visit Hong Kong
  *鞚* | 鞚* | *鞚
bridle / reins
son of grandfather's sister / son of grandmother's brother or sister / father's younger male cousin / (Hong Kong slang) mainlander
  *悾* | 悾* | *悾
simple-minded / sincere
chief executive of Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong or Macao) / abbr. for 特別行政區首席執行官|特别行政区首席执行官
Ming Pao newspaper (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong person or people
governor of Hong Kong (during the period of British rule, 1841-1997)
Hong Kong catfish (Clarias fuscus)
Tai Wan, a locality in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Chinese University of Hong Kong
(Hong Kong) secondary school that uses English as a medium of instruction ("EMI school")
middling / average / impartial / (Hong Kong) secondary school that uses Chinese as the medium of instruction ("CMI school")
(abbr.) stationed in Hong Kong
a couple in which one of the spouses is not a Hong Kong citizen
to love Hong Kong (usually implying that one also supports the PRC government)
(Hong Kong) to seek mutual destruction
Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong / abbr. for 維多利亞港|维多利亚港
Hong Kong LRT (Light Rail Transit) (abbr. for 輕便鐵路|轻便铁路)
income (Hong Kong)
mainland China and Hong Kong
Shenzhen subprovincial city in Guangdong, special economic zone close to Hong Kong
Kong Rong (153-208), poet of the Three Kingdoms period
Happy Valley (suburb of Hong Kong)
  *恐* | 恐* | *恐
afraid / frightened / to fear
Fo Tan (area in Hong Kong)
Kwai Chung (area in Hong Kong) / Kwai Cheong
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
Kwun Tong district of Kowloon, Hong Kong
Joey Yung (1980-), Hong Kong pop singer and actress
(computing) macro (primarily Hong Kong and Taiwan)
Francis Ng Chun-Yu (1961-), Hong Kong actor
Hong Kong 香港 and Macao 澳門|澳门
Gordon Liu (1955-), Hong Kong action actor
North Point district of Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong-based airline
The Peach Blossom Fan, historical play about the last days of the Ming dynasty by Kong Shangren 孔尚任

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