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knee / (Internet slang) to kneel down (in admiration)
  *膝* | 膝* | *膝
lower leg (from knee to ankle) / shank
to kneel / to go down on one's knees
kneepad / knee brace
to weaken / to go soft (at the knees)
articular capsule (of joint such as knee in anatomy)
to kneel down / to sink to one's knees / to grovel
to prostrate oneself / to fall on one's knees / to grovel
  *腘* | 腘* | *腘
knee pit / popliteal fossa (medicine)
at the knee (in reference to children) / (salutation used in letters to parents or grandparents)
both knees
to bow and bend the knee (idiom); fawning / bending and scraping to curry favor
calf (back of the leg below the knee)
level with one's knees / knee-length (skirt etc) / knee-deep (mud etc)
tiger bench (torture method in which the victim sits with legs extended horizontally along a bench, upper legs held down with straps while bricks are inserted under the feet, forcing the knee joint to bend in reverse)
popliteal (anatomy) / hollow at the back of the knee
(children) run around parent's knees / fig. to stay to look after one's elderly parents
servile and bending the knee (idiom); fawning / bending and scraping to curry favor
to bow deeply, starting upright with arms straight out in front, one hand cupped in the other, then moving the hands down to one's knees as one bows, keeping the arms straight (a form of greeting)
(archaic) red silk ribbon tied to a seal or a jade pendant / red knee cover, part of an official's robes (also a synedoche for the attire of an official) / to be an official
  *袚* | 袚* | *袚
knee-pads / buskins
lit. the man has gold under his knees; fig. a man who does not easily kneel in front of others (owing to pride or moral integrity)
genuflection, a form of salutation in Qing times performed by men, going down on the right knee and reaching down with the right hand
lit. knees pressed close / intimate / seated side by side / in close contact
intoeing / pigeon toes / knock-knees
(dialect) knee
to curl up / to lie with knees drawn up / to huddle up
to walk on one's knees and bare one's breast (a gesture of deepest apology)

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