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  *样* | 样* | *样
manner / pattern / way / appearance / shape / classifier: kind, type
  *路* | 路* | *路
road / CL: 條|条 / journey / route / line (bus etc) / sort / kind
  *类* | 类* | *类
kind / type / class / category / similar / like / to resemble
  *德* | 德* | *德
virtue / goodness / morality / ethics / kindness / favor / character / kind
  *种* | 种* | *种
seed / species / kind / type / classifier for types, kinds, sorts
how / what kind
this kind of / so / this way / like this / such
one kind of / one type of
new type / new kind
  *品* | 品* | *品
article / commodity / product / goods / kind / grade / rank / character / disposition / nature / temperament / variety / to taste sth / to sample / to criticize / to comment / to judge / to size up / fret (on a guitar or lute)
particular kind / special type
many kinds of / multiple / diverse / multi-
every kind of / all kinds of / various kinds
  *百* | 百* | *百
hundred / numerous / all kinds of
  *粉* | 粉* | *粉
powder / cosmetic face powder / food prepared from starch / noodles or pasta made from any kind of flour / whitewash / white / pink
  *厚* | 厚* | *厚
thick / deep or profound / kind / generous / rich or strong in flavor / to favor / to stress
material benefit / benefit in kind / (social) welfare
this / this kind of / this sort of / this type of
kind / genus / type / category / variety / species / sort / class
suit / a set / a collection / of the same kind / the same old stuff / set pattern of behavior
what kind? / what sort? / what appearance?
  *番* | 番* | *番
foreign (non-Chinese) / barbarian / classifier for occurrences (of an event, action or speech utterance) / classifier for iterations: times, -fold (as in twofold etc) / classifier for situations: kind, sort
this kind (of)
that kind / that sort
that / that kind of / that sort of / that type of
category / kind
material object / concrete object / original object / in kind / object for practical use / definite thing / reality / matter (physics)
  *般* | 般* | *般
sort / kind / class / way / manner
some kind (of)
  *慈* | 慈* | *慈
compassionate / gentle / merciful / kind / humane
(slang) outwardly kind but inwardly evil / two-faced
different kind of / another sort of / special / unusual
all kinds of
various kinds / all sorts
to confess one's crime / first model, version, kind etc (of gadgets, software, cars etc)
military skill or technique (in former times) / all kinds of martial art sports (some claiming spiritual development) / self-defense / tradition of choreographed fights from opera and film (recent usage) / also called kungfu 功夫 / CL: 種|种
  *恺* | 恺* | *恺
joyful / kind
monthly income (in kind)
who? / what (kind of) person?
sales counter dedicated to a certain kind of product (e.g. alcohol)
many and varied / of many different kinds
(of) all kinds and sorts / various
hulusi, aka cucurbit flute (a kind of free reed wind instrument)
category / kind / class
all kinds
this kind / these kinds / such
(honorific) your kind efforts / thanks to your help
best of its kind / cream of the crop
myriad / all kinds of / all sorts of
unilateral / one-sided / home remedy / folk prescription(same as 丹方) / single-drug prescription (same as 奇方, one of the seven kinds of prescriptions of Chinese medicine 七方) / metaphorically. a good solution
every kind / every variety under the sun / a complete gamut
kind of work in production (e.g. benchwork, foundry work etc)
all kinds of grass / all kinds of flora
kind and honest / generous / sincere
benevolent / charitable / kind / kindly / kindness / merciful
to be kind and love one another (idiom); bound by deep emotions
all kinds / of every description
two kinds / difference
  *珅* | 珅* | *珅
a kind of jade
to suffer enough from / to suffer all kinds of / to have one's fill of
  *札* | 札* | *札
thin piece of wood used a writing tablet (in ancient China) / a kind of official document (in former times) / letter / note / plague
what kind? / how, what / somewhat
how about / what kind of
all kinds of / all sorts of / every (different) kind of
writer of 詞|词 (a kind of Classical Chinese poem) / person of literary talent
mellow and rich / simple and kind
to repay a debt in kind or by labor
  *馕* | 馕* | *馕
a kind of a flat bread
men, women, young and old / all kinds of people / people of all ages
friendly advice / words spoken on sb's behalf / a good word / kind words / words that sound fine but are not followed up with actions
several kinds
numerous types / many kinds
every kind / manifold / extremely
a kind of a bread
one and only (idiom); rarely seen / unique of its kind
kind of Chinese wine
Cornus officinalis (Japanese cornel dogwood, a kind of herb)
a kind of traditional Chinese sword-play
ancient classification system for musical instruments, based on the material of which the instrument is made (metal , stone , clay , leather , silk 絲|丝, wood , gourd , bamboo ) / the eight kinds of sound produced by instruments in these categories / music
  *蒻* | 蒻* | *蒻
young rush (Typha japonica), a kind of cattail
lit. laughs, jeers, anger and invective (idiom) / fig. all kinds of emotions / to mock and scold / (of writing) freely roving / following the author's fancy
(literary) what kind of person
partial to (some kinds of food, usu. unhealthy) / having likes and dislikes / partial eclipse
kind of dumpling / sticky rice ball
to look for / to seek / to choose / color of object / color of fleece (of domestic animal) / to see / to notice / all kinds of things / odds and ends
summer radish (the small red kind)
karst, kind of porous limestone (geology)
yaodong (a kind of cave dwelling in the Loess Plateau in northwest China) / CL:
not to reciprocate is against etiquette (classical) / to respond in kind
aggrieved / dejected / (Tw, southern China) to be moved by a kind gesture etc / to feel gratified / to feel warm inside
you're too kind / you flatter me
to show appreciation (by kind words, small gifts etc) / to comfort
all creatures / every kind of animal
various / all kinds
Gram negative (bacteria that do not retain Gram stain, often the more dangerous kind)
  *蕔* | 蕔* | *蕔
a kind of grass (old)
almost / nearing completion / bits and piece / of all kinds
to surpass all others of its kind before and since / to have neither predecessors nor successors
  *玗* | 玗* | *玗
semiprecious stone / a kind of jade
various / many different kinds of

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