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to urge on (of horse) / to drive / to steer / to handle / to manage / to master / to dominate
turtle / terrapin / Taiwan pr. [jia4 yu2]
variant of 駕馭|驾驭
Jiayu county in Xianning 咸寧|咸宁, Hubei
beyond the pass, i.e. the region north and east of Shanhai Pass 山海關|山海关 or the region west of Jiayu Pass 嘉峪關|嘉峪关 or both
Jiayu county in Xianning 咸寧|咸宁, Hubei
Jiayu Pass in Gansu, at the western terminus of the Great Wall / Jiayuguan prefecture-level city in Gansu
The School Sayings of Confucius (abbr. for 孔子家語|孔子家语)

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