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  *跟* | 跟* | *跟
heel / to follow closely / to go with / (of a woman) to marry sb / with / compared with / to / towards / and (joining two nouns)
to fall head over heels in love / to be passionately in love
flat bottomed / low heeled
to run away / to take to one's heels
to take to one's heels / to scram
to tail behind / to tag along / to follow on the heels of
to kneel as in prayer (without sitting back on the heels)
heel (of a shoe)
to hold an inconsequential job / to receive a cold reception / to be kept waiting for an assignment or audience / to be out in the cold / to be sidelined / to warm the bench / to cool one's heels
lit. spirit and soul upside down (idiom); infatuated and head over heels in love / fascinated / captivated
mortal wound / (fig.) fatal weakness / Achilles' heel
  *踺* | 踺* | *踺
somersault (in gymnastics or dance) / head-over-heels / aerial flip / also written 踺子
Brindisi, port city on southeast heel of Italy
to escape without trace (idiom); to make one's getaway (from the scene of a crime) / to show a clean pair of heels
Achilles' heel / chink in the armor
  *踵* | 踵* | *踵
to arrive / to follow / heel
lethal point (acupuncture) / vulnerable spot / Achilles' heel
heel tendon of mammals / Achilles tendon
to feet the feet perfectly / to follow closely / hard on sb's heels
to turn on one's heels / to walk away abruptly
to fall head over heels / (fig.) to come a cropper
Otranto city on the southeast heel of Italy
to turn on one's heel / in the twinkle of an eye / instantly
(dialect) to rush off / to scamper off double-quick / to take to one's heels / to make oneself scarce
(coll.) rich / well-heeled
to rub one's head and heels (idiom); to slave for the benefit of others / to wear oneself out for the general good
somersault (in gymnastics or dance) / head-over-heels / aerial flip
to turn a somersault / to turn head over heels
to follow on sb's heels
to do a somersault / to turn head over heels
to tumble / to fall head over heels / (fig.) to take a tumble
lit. to look for holes, and observe gaps (idiom) / fig. to search out one's opponent's weak points / to look for the Achilles' heel
Strait of Otranto between the heel of Italy and Albania
Heelys (roller shoes with wheels protruding slightly from the heel)
Tar Heel state
(of a horse, dog etc) to sit back on one's haunches and refuse to be coaxed forward / (of a person) to brace oneself to resist being made to go forward / (fig.) to dig one's heels in
high-heeled shoes

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