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  *主* | 主* | *主
owner / master / host / individual or party concerned / God / Lord / main / to indicate or signify / trump card (in card games)
  *社* | 社* | *社
society / group / club / agency / (old) god of the land
  *克* | 克* | *克
Ke (c. 2000 BC), seventh of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God
  *直* | 直* | *直
surname Zhi / Zhi (c. 2000 BC), fifth of the legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God
  *神* | 神* | *神
God / abbr. for 神舟
  *明* | 明* | *明
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) / surname Ming / Ming (c. 2000 BC), fourth of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God
  *明* | 明* | *明
bright / opposite: dark / (of meaning) clear / to understand / next / public or open / wise / generic term for a sacrifice to the gods
  *承* | 承* | *承
surname Cheng / Cheng (c. 2000 BC), third of the legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God
local god / genius loci
Allah (Arabic name of God)
Duke of Zhou (11th c. BC), son of King Wen of Zhou 周文王, played an important role as regent in founding the Western Zhou 西周, and is also known as the "God of Dreams"
God of heaven / Celestial emperor
Thor (Norse god of thunder)
underneath / below / the underside / world of mortals / to descend to the world of mortals (of gods)
unpredictable eventuality / unpreventable / unavoidable / impossible to overcome / nothing can be done about it / act of God / force majeure
  *祭* | 祭* | *祭
to offer a sacrifice to (gods or ancestors) / memorial ceremony / (in classical novels) to recite an incantation to activate a magic weapon / (lit. and fig.) to wield
God knows... / Who would have imagined...?
god of love
Heaven / Providence / God / the day before / the sky above / to fly to the sky / to take off and fly into space / to die / to pass away
  *厘* | 厘* | *厘
Li (c. 2000 BC), sixth of the legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God, also known as Ai
emperor / god / Hong Xiuquan's self-proclaimed title / see also 洪秀全
Bes, a minor god of ancient Egypt
god of wealth
  *馈* | 馈* | *馈
to make an offering to the gods / variant of 饋|馈
river god
Black Tortoise (the seven mansions of the north sky) / (in Daoism) God of the north sky
god / deity
  *稷* | 稷* | *稷
millet / God of cereals worshiped by ancient rulers / minister of agriculture
protector God / patron saint
  *哀* | 哀* | *哀
Ai (c. 2000 BC), sixth of legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God, also known as Li 釐|厘
God / Heavens
act of God / force majeure (law) / irresistible (idiom)
Shennong or Farmer God (c. 2000 BC), first of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝 and creator of agriculture
Poseidon, Greek god of the sea / Neptune, Roman god of the sea / Aquaman, DC comic book superhero
God / Heavens
to offer sacrifices to the gods or ancestors
Holy Son / Jesus Christ / God the Son (in the Christian Trinity)
to make offerings (to the Gods)
to offer to God
Lei Gong or Duke of Thunder, the God of Thunder in Chinese mythology
Sun God / Apollo
center of the sky / will of heaven / will of the Gods / the monarch's will
Cupid, son of Venus and Mars, Roman god of love and beauty
God of fire / Vulcan
god / spirit / demon / occult or supernatural entities in general
Investiture of the Gods, major Ming dynasty vernacular novel of mythology and fantasy, very loosely based on King Wu of Zhou's 周武王 overthrow of the Shang, subsequent material for opera, film, TV series, computer games etc
occult force / the power of a God or spirit
Lord of the East, the sun God of Chinese mythology
Abba (Aramaic word father) / by ext. God the Father in Christian gospel
Mars (Roman God of War)
door god
deities / gods
Buddha (term of respect for Sakyamuni 釋迦牟尼|释迦牟尼) / His Holiness (refers to a Buddhist grandee) / Buddha / God / emperor / in late Qing court, refers exclusively to Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后
to formally call on / to worship (a God) / to pay homage to sb
God (in Catholicism) / abbr. for 天主教, Catholicism
(idiom) to blame the gods and accuse others
the real body (of Buddha or a God) / true effigy
  *夔* | 夔* | *夔
one-legged mountain demon of Chinese mythology / Chinese mythical figure who invented music and dancing / Chinese rain god / surname Kui
Tai Sui, God of the year / archaic name for the planet Jupiter 木星 / nickname for sb who is the most powerful in an area
Mani (god)
Bacchus (the Greek god of wine), aka Dionysus
Holy Father / God the Father (in the Christian Trinity)
ritual money made of paper burnt for the Gods or the dead
to consecrate / to enshrine and worship / an offering (to one's ancestors) / a sacrifice (to a god)
feudal term of praise for ruler, king or emperor / general term for saint in former times / term for God during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom 太平天國|太平天国 / Holy Spirit (in Christian Trinity)
to give a favor (used of Christian God)
Mohammed (c. 570-632), central figure of Islam and prophet of God
to pledge undying love (idiom); oath of eternal love / to swear by all the Gods
lower bound (math.) / world of mortals / (of gods) to descend to the world of mortals
god of wealth / very wealthy man
Poseidon, God of the sea in Greek mythology
god of longevity / elderly person whose birthday is being celebrated
heaven is jealous of heroic genius (idiom); the great have great hardship to contend with / those whom the Gods love die young
Jehovah (biblical name for God, Hebrew: YHWH) / compare Yahweh 雅威 and God 上帝
Odin (god in Norse mythology)
supernaturally fine craft (idiom); the work of the Gods / uncanny workmanship / superlative craftsmanship
theism (the belief in the existence of God)
Attila (406-453), Hun emperor, known as the scourge of God
God / deity
Zaoshen, the god of the kitchen / also written 灶神
Flame Emperors (c. 2000 BC), legendary dynasty descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God
my God! / oh boy! / man!
  *魌* | 魌* | *魌
mask of a god used in ceremonies to exorcise demons and drive away pestilence / (archaic) ugly
state / country / the Gods of earth and grain
mountain god
planning is with man, accomplishing with heaven (idiom); Man proposes but God disposes.
Food is the God of the people. (idiom); People view food as the primary need. / Food first, ethical niceties second
temple to Kuixing, Daoist God of fate
Dai Temple, a temple in Shandong for the god of Mount Tai
to pledge undying love (idiom); oath of eternal love / to swear by all the Gods
list of Gods and Immortals / pantheon
image of a God
demons and gods at work (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation / curious coincidence
only the official is allowed to light the fire / Gods may do what cattle may not / quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi
Dijun, Shang dynasty protector God, possibly same as legendary Emperor 帝嚳|帝喾
malt sugar candy, a traditional offering to the kitchen god Zaoshen 灶神
remote and uninhabited (idiom); deserted / God-forsaken
stars of the Big Dipper that constitute the rectangular body of the dipper / Kuixing, Daoist God of fate
Baldr or Baldur, god in Norse mythology / Andreas Baader (1943-1977), leader of Red Army Faction, a.k.a. the Baader-Meinhof group

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