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  *盘* | 盘* | *盘
plate / dish / tray / board / hard drive (computing) / to build / to coil / to check / to examine / to transfer (property) / to make over / classifier for food: dish, helping / to coil / classifier for coils of wire / classifier for games of chess
  *局* | 局* | *局
office / situation / classifier for games: match, set, round etc
  *打* | 打* | *打
to beat / to strike / to hit / to break / to type / to mix up / to build / to fight / to fetch / to make / to tie up / to issue / to shoot / to calculate / to play (a game) / since / from
game / CL: 場|场 / to play
  *主* | 主* | *主
owner / master / host / individual or party concerned / God / Lord / main / to indicate or signify / trump card (in card games)
mobile game / abbr. for 手機遊戲|手机游戏
  *分* | 分* | *分
to divide / to separate / to distribute / to allocate / to distinguish (good and bad) / part or subdivision / fraction / one tenth (of certain units) / unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm / minute (unit of time) / minute (angular measurement unit) / a point (in sports or games) / 0.01 yuan (unit of money)
barrage (military) / "bullet screen", function which allows viewers to post on-screen comments in videos, movies etc in real time / danmaku (video game subgenre)
player (of a game) / enthusiast (audio, model planes etc)
  *球* | 球* | *球
ball / sphere / globe / CL: 個|个 / ball game / match / CL: 場|场
electric-powered / (Tw) video game
  *牌* | 牌* | *牌
mahjong tile / playing card / game pieces / signboard / plate / tablet / medal / CL: , 個|个, 塊|块
  *庄* | 庄* | *庄
farmstead / village / manor / place of business / banker (in a gambling game) / grave or solemn / holdings of a landlord (in imperial China)
to file / to save a file (computer) / saved data (for a video game etc)
"Fight the Landlord" (card game)
online game / abbr. for 網絡遊戲|网络游戏
  *棋* | 棋* | *棋
chess / chess-like game / a game of chess / CL: 盤|盘 / chess piece / CL: 個|个, 顆|颗
two-dimensional / the fictional worlds of anime, comics and games
grand / majestic / magnificent / Shanda Entertainment (PRC computer game company)
  *弈* | 弈* | *弈
ancient name for go (Chinese board game)
pattern matching (puzzle game) / matching (type of test question in which presented items are to be paired up)
half of a game or contest / half-court
cube / block / square / rectangle / diamond ♦ (in card games)
video game
Diablo (video game series)
abbr. for 奧林匹克運動會|奥林匹克运动会 / Olympic Games / the Olympics
copy / duplicate / transcript / (in online games) instance
away-game arena / away-game venue
to try to answer a question (in a quiz, guessing game, riddle etc) / quiz game
attached externally (e.g. fuel tank) / plug-in / add-on / special software used to cheat in an online game
to concede points (in a game)
rare book / cheat code (video games)
to arrest / to capture / to seize / to win (a set, a game etc)
abbr. for 奧林匹克運動會|奥林匹克运动会 / Olympic Games / the Olympics
video game / game machine
to start the servers (for an online game, typically after the system has been shut down for maintenance, upgrade etc)
the design of a character (in games, manga etc) (abbr. for 人物設定|人物设定) / (fig.) (a celebrity or other public figure's) image in the eyes of the public / public persona
to hang up (a phone) / to leave a computer etc running (idling, downloading, or playing a game in one's stead etc)
  *墩* | 墩* | *墩
block / gate pillar / pier / classifier for clusters of plants / classifier for rounds in a card game: trick / (archaic) watchtower
World of Warcraft (video game)
to cheat in an online game (abbr. for 開外掛|开外挂) / (coll.) unbelievably good
games (such as chess, dice etc) / gambling / contest
the game of Go
Final Fantasy (video game)
plum blossom / clubs ♣ (a suit in card games) / wintersweet (dialect)
Monopoly (game) / known as 地產大亨|地产大亨 in Taiwan
  *ACG* | ACG* | *ACG
acronym for "anime, comics and games"
strong card / honor card (card games) / very popular or successful person / self-important
Game of Thrones (TV series)
a guy who stays at home all the time, typically spending a lot of time playing online games (derived from Japanese "otaku")
Pokémon or Pocket Monsters, popular Japanese video game, anime and manga
computer and video games
handle / video game controller
arcade game
Grand Theft Auto (video game series)
Li Ning (1963-), PRC gymnast, winner of three gold medals at Los Angeles 1984 Olympic games
draw / tied game
poker (game) (loanword) / playing cards
final part of a go game (see 官子) / endgame / to finish up / to come to the final stage
lit. green plums and hobby-horse (idiom) / fig. innocent children's games / childhood sweethearts / a couple who grew up as childhood friends
board game
StarCraft (video game series)
Mark Six (Hong Kong lotto game)
to play (a card) / to make a move in a game
role-playing game (RPG)
opening (chess etc) / early stage of game, match, work, activity etc
Tomb Raider (computer game)
poker (card game) / playing card / CL:
Tekken (video game)
Asian Games
Investiture of the Gods, major Ming dynasty vernacular novel of mythology and fantasy, very loosely based on King Wu of Zhou's 周武王 overthrow of the Shang, subsequent material for opera, film, TV series, computer games etc
heart ♥ (in card games) / red, heart-shaped symbol / bullseye
five-in-a-row (game similar to tic-tac-toe) / Japanese: gomoku / gobang
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, US comic book series, first appeared in 1984, also films, video games etc
exhibition game
hide-and-seek (game) / peekaboo (game)
concentration (a pair-matching game)
game where the last word of one idiom 成語|成语 is the first of the next
to generate fake transactions in order to game a commercial online platform (one that rewards users who make numerous transactions)
Asian Games
rank / class / (Japanese martial arts and board games) dan
to win every trick in a card game / grand slam / fig. total success
to blow out / to blow off / (computer games) to zap / (phone) to ring off the hook / to be jammed / to max out (credit card etc)
kifu (record of a game of go or shogi)
darts (game) / dart (weapon shaped like a spearhead)
minesweeper (computer game)
Street Fighter (video game series)
game theory
spade ♠ (in card games)
Grand Theft Auto (video game series)
joined as a string of pearls / in rapid succession / alignment / Renju, a Japanese game, also called Gomoku or five-in-a-row
Tetris (video game)
Super Cup (various sports) / Super Bowl (American football championship game)
Super Cup (various sports) / Super Bowl (American football championship game)
host / official host (e.g. venue for games or a conference)
Zelda (in Legend of Zelda video game)
open ball (math.) / to start a ball game / to kick off (soccer) / to tee off (golf)
Castlevania (video game series)
Super Bowl (American football championship game)
to turn on the water / to let water out / to throw a game (sports)

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