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  *皮* | 皮* | *皮
leather / skin / fur / CL: 張|张 / pico- (one trillionth) / naughty
fur / fur clothing / skin and hair / superficial / superficial knowledge
fur clothing
fur / down (soft fur) / villi capillary (in the small intestine)
  *裘* | 裘* | *裘
fur / fur coat
fur / pelt
pornographic film / unedited film (old) / fur color
mink fur
fuzz / fine fur (of marten etc)
skin / fur
lit. to blow apart the hairs upon a fur to discover any defect (idiom); fig. to be fastidious / nitpick
fur seal
many hairs make a fur coat (idiom); many small contributions add up to sth big / many a mickle makes a muckle
lit. to use a dog's tail as a substitute for sable fur (idiom) / fig. a worthless sequel to a masterpiece
  *肭* | 肭* | *肭
see 膃肭|腽肭, fur seal or its blubber
lit. to trade a fur coat for wine (idiom) / fig. (of wealthy people) to lead a dissolute and extravagant life
lit. stout horses and light furs / fig. to live in luxury
lit. light furs and stout horses / fig. to live in luxury
fur seal or its blubber / see 膃肭獸|腽肭兽 and 膃肭臍|腽肭脐
penis and testes of fur seal (used in TCM)
precious fur obtained from skin of raccoon dog after removing hard bristle
fur seal / Callorhinus ursinus Linnaeus

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