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fiber / CL: 種|种
  *麻* | 麻* | *麻
generic name for hemp, flax etc / hemp or flax fiber for textile materials / sesame / CL: 縷|缕 / (of materials) rough or coarse / pocked / pitted / to have pins and needles or tingling / to feel numb
optical fiber / fiber optics
  *棕* | 棕* | *棕
palm / palm fiber / coir (coconut fiber) / brown
  *筋* | 筋* | *筋
muscle / tendon / veins visible under the skin / sth resembling tendons or veins (e.g. fiber in a vegetable)
ponytail (hairstyle) / horse's tail / slender fibers like horse's tail (applies to various plants)
synthetic fiber
fiberglass / glass fiber
polyester fiber
Leica camera / Lycra (fiber or fabric)
polyester fiber
synthetic fiber
synthetic fiber / chemical fiber
polypropylene fiber
starchy / floury and without fiber
high fiber
acrylic fiber
single mode fiber
to spin synthetic fiber / to spin silk / spinning / filature
jute (Corchorus capsularis Linn.) / plant fiber used for rope or sacks
muscle fiber
palm fiber mat
natural fiber
vinylon, synthetic fiber made from polyvinyl alcohol (loanword)
synthetic fiber
multimode fiber
lit. lotus roots may break, but the fiber remains joined (idiom); lovers part, but still long for one another
cellulose acetate (used for film and fiber)
optical fiber
core (of a fiber)
optical fiber / optical cable
pons Varolii (bundle of nerve fibers in the brain)
cladding / covering (on a fiber)
bast fiber
palm fiber / coir
polyvinyl chloride fiber / PRC brand name for PVC fiber
woven palm fiber (used in handicraft) / coir / woven coconut fiber
to soften cotton fiber by fluffing
rope of palm fiber / coir (coconut fiber)
to gin cotton (separate seeds from fiber)
fiber bundle (math.)
core diameter (of a fiber)
Fiber Distributed Data Interface / FDDI
rectangular frame with a palm fiber mat woven across it (placed on a bed frame as the sleeping surface)
carbon chain fiber
FDDI / Fiber Distributed Data Interface
palm fiber / rope of palm fiber / coir (coconut fiber)
coir mat / palm fiber matting
moss silver / silver in the form of fibers or branches
fiber distributed data interface / FDDI
tex, unit of fiber density (textiles) (loanword) / abbr. to
coconut fiber / coir
fine fibers of hemp / linen

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