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  *费* | 费* | *费
to cost / to spend / fee / wasteful / expenses
to charge a fee
freight fee
to pay a fee
tuition fee / tuition / CL: 個|个
service charge / processing fee / commission
penalty (fee)
ticket price / fare / admission fee
registration fee
insurance fee
  *佣* | 佣* | *佣
commission (for middleman) / brokerage fee
fee paid to an author for a piece of writing
not to stint / to be generous (with praise etc) / to be prepared to (pay a fee, give of one's time etc)
forest of apricot trees / fig. honorific term for fine doctor (cf Dr Dong Feng 董奉, 3rd century AD, asked his patients to plant apricot trees instead of paying fees) / Xinglin district of Xiamen city (renamed Haicang 海沧区 in 2003)
toll (fee for using a road)
remittance fee
medical fees
transfer fee / signing bonus / sign-on bonus
airport construction fee (abbr. for 機場建設費|机场建设费)
publishing fee / page charge
admission fee
appearance fee
corkage fee
tax levied on a conquered people by an army / fee for a divination session / variant of 氪金, in-app purchase (gaming)
scale of fee payment for a painter, calligrapher or writer
to freeze (prices, fees etc) (Tw)
remittance fee
house call fee / callout fee
prostitute's fee for service
Dong Feng, doctor during Three Kingdoms period, famous for refusing fees and requesting that his patients plant apricot trees instead
Employment Stability Fee (Taiwan), a minimum monthly fee for employing foreign workers
consultant who breaks up sb's extramarital relationship for a fee
vehicle rental fee paid by cab and rickshaw drivers
traffic congestion fee
(finance) deductible / excess fee
corkage fee
legal fees / costs (of a lawsuit)
bonding fee

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