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  *差* | 差* | *差
difference / discrepancy / to differ / error / to err / to make a mistake
error / mistake / CL: 個|个 / mistaken / false / wrong
malfunction / breakdown / defect / shortcoming / fault / failure / impediment / error / bug (in software)
difference / error / inaccuracy
error / fault / (law) negligence / delinquency
to correct an error
to make a mistake / error
  *误* | 误* | *误
mistake / error / to miss / to harm / to delay / to neglect / mistakenly
mistaken ideas / misconceptions / the error of one's ways
  *缪* | 缪* | *缪
variant of 謬|谬 / error / erroneous
tolerance (allowed error) / common difference (of an arithmetic series)
remnant / leftover / tolerance (i.e. allowed error)
to make an error
to deduct marks (when grading school work) / to have marks deducted / penalty points / to lose points for a penalty or error
to admit an error / to acknowledge one's mistake
error note (i.e. misprinted banknote)
to correct an error
trial and error (abbr. for 嘗試錯誤|尝试错误)
mistake / slip-up / fault / error (in data transmission) / accident / mishap
  *讹* | 讹* | *讹
error / false / to extort
to determine the nature (usually of error or crime) / to determine chemical composition / qualitative / fixed
defective sentence / error (of grammar or logic)
error / mistaken idea / falsehood
error and negligence
true or false? / correct or incorrect / to correct errors (in a document)
(TV or movie) blooper / continuity error / (theater) to flub one's lines / unintended exposure of a body part / to be exposed (of a scheme or trick) / to reveal sth one intended to conceal through a slip of the tongue / to blow one's cover
error message (computing)
merits and demerits / contributions and errors
run-time error (in computing)
injury / trauma / (fig.) glaring error / flaw / shortcoming
to correct an error
a mistake / an oversight / an error of judgment
(of a lazy or incompetent teacher) to hamper students' progress / (of media) to propagate errors / to lead people astray
to correct printing errors
to be full of remorse / to repent and redress one's errors
lit. if it's wrong, it's wrong (idiom); to make the best after a mistake / to accept an error and adapt to it / to muddle through
great error / heinous crime
to misjudge / error of judgment / incorrect ruling / miscarriage of justice
(polite expression) to be magnanimous enough to forgive or tolerate (one's errors or shortcomings)
old illness recurs (idiom); a relapse / fig. to repeat an old error / the same old problem
lit. to smash a cracked pot (idiom); crazy despair in the face of a blemish, defect, error or setback
to make an error of judgment / to be taken in
spelling mistake / written error
rushed work leads to errors (idiom)
fault / error
  *蹉* | 蹉* | *蹉
to error / to slip / to miss / to err
  *纰* | 纰* | *纰
error / carelessness / spoiled silk
logical error
  *诤* | 诤* | *诤
to admonish / to warn sb of their errors / to criticize frankly / Taiwan pr. [zheng1]
to repeat errors / to continue blundering / to make continuous mistakes
to reflect on one's past errors
fault / mistake / shortcoming / error / misconduct
to deal a single fatal blow / (fig.) to totally repudiate sb because of a minor error
to spread falsehoods / to increasingly distort the truth / to pile errors on top of errors (idiom)
to commit (an error) often / common (mistake)
adventurism (a left-wing error against Mao's line during the 1930s)
fat finger error (finance)
to polish a text / rhetoric / ornate language / to use florid language to conceal errors / to gloss over
circular argument / logical error consisting of begging the question / Latin: petitio principii
mistake / error / mishap
  *眚* | 眚* | *眚
cataract of the eye / error
to correct printing errors
error in a text / text corruption
to pocket a lost article / (fig.) to correct others' errors / to remedy omissions (in a text etc)
to accept criticism gladly (humble expr.) / to be happy when one's errors are pointed out
to remedy omissions and correct errors (idiom)
lit. crossing the river by feeling for stones / improvise by trial-and-error / move cautiously
rushed work leads to errors (idiom)
error / mistake
to leave room to maneuver / to leave a margin for error
to translate again (i.e. to redo the same translation) / to translate repeatedly from one language to the next (so multiplying errors)
error / mistake
the slightest difference leads to a huge error (idiom) / a miss is as good as a mile
to have room to save a situation / margin for error (idiom)
to mislead / to confuse / error / misconception / erroneous
to correct (in writing) sb's errors or misconceptions
error / fallacy / misconception / scoundrel / You swine!
to pass on errors or lies (idiom); the propagation of misconceptions
lit. Ying writes a letter and Yan reads it / fig. to misinterpret the original meaning / to pile up errors / refers to the letter from capital of in which the inadvertent words "hold up the candle" are mistaken by the minister of as "promote the wise"
erroneous character / typographical error
error / mistake
a wrong repeated becomes right (idiom); a lie or an error passed on for a long time may be taken for the truth
to remedy defects and correct errors (idiom); to rectify past mistakes
to give oneself leeway (idiom) / to allow room for error
lit. heard in the morning and changed by the evening / to correct an error very quickly (idiom)
to see the error of one's ways / to make a clean break with one's past
phonological error

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