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  *出* | 出* | *出
to go out / to come out / to occur / to produce / to go beyond / to rise / to put forth / to happen / (used after a verb to indicate an outward direction or a positive result) / classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc
  *靠* | 靠* | *靠
to lean against or on / to stand by the side of / to come near to / to depend on / to trust / to fuck (vulgar) / traditional military costume drama where the performers wear armor (old)
  *追* | 追* | *追
to chase / to pursue / to look into / to investigate / to reminisce / to recall / to court (one's beloved) / to binge-watch (a TV drama) / retroactively / posthumously
drama / play / theater
story line / plot / drama (genre)
TV series / TV drama / CL:
  *戏* | 戏* | *戏
trick / drama / play / show / CL: 齣|出, 場|场, 臺|台
villain (of a drama etc)
serialized drama / dramatic series / show in parts
art institute / art and drama college
radio drama
stage play / modern drama / CL: 臺|台,
the spread of Korean cultural products (TV dramas, pop music etc) to other countries / Korean Wave
idol drama / drama series in which the actors are chosen for their preexisting popularity with young viewers
  *梗* | 梗* | *梗
branch / stem / stalk / CL: / to block / to hinder / (neologism that evolved from , initially in Taiwan, during the first decade of the 21st century) memorable creative idea (joke, catchphrase, meme, neologism, witty remark etc) / prominent feature of a creative work (punchline of a joke, trope in a drama, special ingredient in a dish, riff in a pop song etc)
Shuangfeng county in Loudi 婁底|娄底, Hunan / (Tw) Twin Peaks, US television drama series 1990-1991
(of an actor) to inhabit one's role / to become the character / (of an audience) to get involved in the drama
costume drama
dance drama / ballet
Central Academy of Drama
wedge / peg / stopper / prologue (in some modern novels) / prologue or interlude in Yuan dynasty drama
play in several acts / full-length drama
heart-rending (drama, music, poem etc) / deeply moving
Dae Jang Geum, a 2003 Korean historical drama TV series
historical drama
Getting Home, 2007 PRC comedy-drama film directed by 張揚|张扬, starring 趙本山|赵本山
The Injustice to Dou E (popular drama by 關漢卿|关汉卿)
psychological drama
Curse of the Golden Flower (2007), period drama movie by Zhang Yimou
three women are enough for a drama (idiom)
Doll's House (1879), drama by Ibsen 易卜生
  *戱* | 戱* | *戱
variant of 戲|戏 / play / drama
Zeng Xiaogu (1873-1937), actor and pioneer of Chinese drama in New Culture style
contemporary drama
soul-stirring (of drama, poem or artwork) / heart-rending / deeply moving
Twin Peaks, US television drama series 1990-1991
absurd drama / farce / disgraceful show
hand shadow drama
remuneration for playing a role in a movie or television drama
period costume drama (on TV)
(neologism c. 2017) melodramatic person / drama queen
blog drama (netspeak)

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