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doctor / court academician (in feudal China) / Ph.D.
  *当* | 当* | *当
(onom.) dong / ding dong (bell)
  *丁* | 丁* | *丁
surname Ding
  *丁* | 丁* | *丁
fourth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干 / fourth in order / letter "D" or Roman "IV" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc / ancient Chinese compass point: 195° / butyl / cubes (of food)
grade 4 / fourth class / category D
  *窝* | 窝* | *窝
nest / pit or hollow on the human body / lair / den / place / to harbor or shelter / to hold in check / to bend / classifier for litters and broods
Washington (name) / George Washington (1732-1799), first US president / Washington, US State / Washington, D.C. (US federal capital)
to act for sb else / to act on sb's behalf / an agent / a diplomatic representative / a chargé d'affaires
I.D. number
(onom.) ding dong
fundamental doctrine / guiding principle / raison d'être
Washington, D.C. / the US federal government
(onom.) ding dong / jingling of bells / clanking sound
(onom.) ding dong / jingling of bells / clanking sound
Ph.D. advisor
Ding Ji (1917-1944), real name Li Baicen 李百岑, journalist based in Yanan, martyr of the revolution
Côte d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast in West Africa
(in a manual car) gear (i.e. reverse, neutral, 1st, 2nd etc) / (automatic car) transmission mode (P, R, N, D etc) / (electric fan etc) speed setting
Ding'an county, Hainan
The Hague (city in the Netherlands) / Den Haag
Jeanne d'Arc (1412-1431), French heroine and liberator, executed as a witch by the Burgundians and English / also called Jehanne Darc, the Maid or Orleans, Joan of Arc or St Joan
lair / nest / den / hideout
coup d'état
Roosevelt (name) / Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), US President 1901-1909 / Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), US President 1933-1945
tiger's den / dangerous place / the web between the thumb and forefinger of a hand
to obtain a proof / Q.E.D.
S.D. Poisson (1781-1840), French mathematician / also pr. [Po1 song1]
lair / den (of illegal activities)
Ding Lei (1971-), founder and CEO of NetEase 網易|网易
it'd be a wonder if... (following a verb phrase that is usually negative)
Washington D.C. (US federal capital)
Ding'an county, Hainan
aspiration (phonetics, explosion of breath on consonants distinguishing Chinese p, t from b, d)
Fu Shuo (c. 14th century BC), legendary sage and principal minister of Shang ruler Wu Ding
Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.
lair / den / stronghold
Ding Ling (1904-1986), female novelist, author of novel The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River 太陽照在桑乾河上|太阳照在桑干河上, attacked during the 1950s as anti-Party
(onom.) ding dong / jingling of bells / clanking sound
D size battery
Tingri county, Tibetan: Ding ri rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet
Tingri town and county, Tibetan: Ding ri rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, central Tibet
Wu Ding (c. 14th century BC), legendary founder and wise ruler of Shang dynasty
  *窣* | 窣* | *窣
rush out of a den / rustling
D'Alembert (1717-1783), French mathematician
Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), US army general and politician, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during World War II, US President 1953-1961
(onom.) ding dong / jingling of bells / clanking sound
(onom.) ding dong / jingling of bells / clanking sound
Georgetown University in Washington D.C., famous as quality Jesuit university and for its basketball team
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, R&D center in Pasadena, California
Republic of Côte d'Ivoire
Jonathan D Spence (1936-), distinguished British US historian of China, author of The search for modern China 追尋現代中國|追寻现代中国
Côte d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast (Tw)
gamblers' den / illegal casino
I'd like to hear the details
depleted uranium (D-38)
(lit.) gathering place of fish or other creatures / (fig.) haunt / lair / nest / den / hotbed
animal den
lit. a lamb in a tiger's den (idiom) / fig. to tread dangerous ground
money squandering establishment (e.g. gambling den, brothel etc)
dog hole / gap caused by missing teeth / fig. den of thieves
91 BC attempted coup d'etat against Emperor Wu of Han 漢武帝|汉武帝, beginning with accusations of witchcraft
  *扽* | 扽* | *扽
to yank / to pull tight
(onom.) ding-a-ling / clink of jewels
Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, by Claude Debussy based on poem by Stéphane Mallarmé
The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River, proletarian novel by Ding Ling, winner of 1951 Stalin prize
Scheveningen, resort in Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands
ding-a-ling / (onom.) for sound of bell
variant of 身份證號碼|身份证号码 / I.D. number
apical consonant (produced with the tip of the tongue, i.e. d or t)
Ding Ruchang (1836-1895), commander of the Qing North China Navy
hepatitis D
In search of Modern China by Jonathan D Spence 史景遷|史景迁
coup d'état (loanword)
bandit den / rebel stronghold
François Xavier d'Entrecolles (1664-1741), French Jesuit missionary to Kangxi court
forgetting the fate of Ding and Dong (idiom) / unheeding the lessons of the past
  *㩐* | 㩐* | *㩐
variant of
bandits' den
names of the notes of a musical scale (e.g. C, D, E or do, re, mi)

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