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to issue / to proclaim / to enact (laws, decrees etc)
to issue (an order, decree etc) / to send out / to dispatch / to produce (a sound) / to let out (a laugh)
(archaic) wooden or metal token of authority / (fig.) decree / directive / (computing) token
decreed by fate (idiom) / destined / fated
decree / ordinance
  *旨* | 旨* | *旨
imperial decree / purport / aim / purpose
to decree
to accept misfortunes as decreed by fate / to be resigned to sth
decree / order
issue a decree
to obey the Emperor's decree / at your Imperial majesty's command
laws and decrees
government decree
an imperial decree
to respond to an imperial decree
Prime tortoise of the record bureau, Song dynasty historical encyclopedia of political essays, autobiography, memorials and decrees, compiled 1005-1013 under Wang Qinruo 王欽若|王钦若 and Yang Yi 楊億|杨亿, 1000 scrolls
decree / (of a court) to order
imperial decree
decree to grant a special pardon

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