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cotyledon of a bean (i.e. either of the halves of a bean seed that can be split apart after removing the seed coat) / thick bean sauce (abbr. for 豆瓣醬|豆瓣酱)
badge / emblem / insignia / crest / logo / coat of arms
  *徽* | 徽* | *徽
badge / emblem / insignia / crest / logo / coat of arms
galvanized / zinc-coated
baked sesame seed-coated cake
coat / jacket / CL:
protective layer / coating
  *裘* | 裘* | *裘
fur / fur coat
national emblem / national coat of arms
coat of arms
  *搪* | 搪* | *搪
to keep out / to hold off / to ward off / to evade / to spread / to coat / to smear / to daub
  *苋* | 苋* | *苋
amaranth (genus Amaranthus) / Joseph's coat (Amaranthus tricolor) / Chinese spinach (Amaranth mangostanus)
sugar-coated Chinese hawthorn or other fruit on a stick / tanghulu
  *袄* | 袄* | *袄
coat / jacket / short and lined coat or robe
first time / first (round, course, coat of paint etc)
wire drawing / candied floss (cooking) / spun sugar or toffee (coating)
  *苔* | 苔* | *苔
coating (of tongue)
the coating of sth that has been chrome-plated or copper-plated etc
membrane covering sth / coating
to weigh one's abilities and act accordingly / to act according to one's means / to cut one's coat according to one's cloth
ear of grain / gerbe (used on coats of arms)
many hairs make a fur coat (idiom); many small contributions add up to sth big / many a mickle makes a muckle
tinplate / tin (tin-coated steel)
sachima, sweet (Manchu) pastry made of fried strips of dough coated with syrup, pressed together, then cut into blocks
to apply paint, veneer etc / to plaster over / decorative coating / finish / veneer
coat / jacket / short and lined coat or robe
  *粩* | 粩* | *粩
a traditional pastry of Taiwan and Fujian which is fried, then coated with maltose and rolled in sesame seeds or chopped peanuts etc / Taiwan pr. [lao3]
  *蓑* | 蓑* | *蓑
rain coat made of straw etc
peridium (envelope or coat of fungi, e.g. puffballs)
swallow-tailed coat / tails
white coat hypertension / white coat syndrome
please take off your coat (honorific) / loose-fitting garment
(of an animal) appearance or color of coat
coating agent / finishing agent
  *襦* | 襦* | *襦
jacket / short coat
to coat / to mask / to plaster over
sugar-coated bullets, term used by Mao (originally in 1949) to refer to corrupting bourgeois influences
paper hot pot (hot pot using a single-use pot made of Japanese washi paper with a special coating to prevent burning and leaking, used for cooking at the dining table)
  *搋* | 搋* | *搋
to knead / to rub / to clear a drain with a pump / to conceal sth in one's bosom / to carry sth under one's coat
  *襋* | 襋* | *襋
coat collar
lit. to trade a fur coat for wine (idiom) / fig. (of wealthy people) to lead a dissolute and extravagant life
sugar-coated bullets, term used by Mao (originally in 1949) to refer to corrupting bourgeois influences (abbr. for 糖衣炮彈|糖衣炮弹)
thin coat, meager food (idiom); life of wretched poverty / destitute
lit. to wear one's coat inside out and carry firewood on one's back (idiom) / fig. to live a life of poverty and hard work / fig. to act stupidly
coat (of an animal)
surface coat

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