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(slang) novice / greenhorn / fool / idiot / abbr. for 小白臉|小白脸, pretty boy
schoolboy / male student / boy / guy (young adult male)
(coll.) early childhood / baby boy
(coll.) boy / (derog.) joker / guy / (despicable) fellow
Harry Potter, boy wizard in the novels by J.K. Rowling 羅琳|罗琳
a (real) man / boy / son
correspondent / reporter / messenger boy
yellow flowers (of various types) / chrysanthemum / cauliflower / (yellow) daylily / a young virgin (boy or girl)
brothers / boys
young, cute boy / derived from Japanese loanword shotacon 正太控
cowherd boy / (slang) male prostitute
shepherd boy
new addition to a family (i.e. a birth) / a boy who has just come of age / (in a job etc) newcomer / novice
my God! / oh boy! / man!
ball boy (tennis) / caddie (golf)
  *僮* | 僮* | *僮
servant boy
  *厮* | 厮* | *厮
mutually / with one another / manservant / boy servant / guy (derog.)
(affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself) my boy / old pal
lit. golden boys and jade maidens (idiom) / attendants of the Daoist immortals / fig. lovely young children / a golden couple / (of a couple who are in the public eye) a lovely young couple
mama's boy
boys and girls / teenagers
attractive young man (usually derog.) / pretty boy / gigolo
lackey / errand boy / lit. runner before a carriage
(dialect) naive and innocent (girl or boy) / underage prostitute / (Minnan iù-khí)
doorman / bell boy
(dialect) boy / guy
(coll.) new-born baby / young boy
boy band (type of pop group)
shepherd / shepherd boy
the most handsome boy in the class
handsome but effeminate man / pretty boy
child whose birthday is being celebrated / birthday boy / birthday girl
catamite (boy as homosexual partner) / kept man / gigolo
boy / male child
urine of boys under 12, used as medicine (TCM)
(old) waiter (loanword from "boy") / attendant
shotacon (Japanese loanword) / manga or anime genre depicting young boys in an erotic manner
(coll.) soldier boy
the most handsome boy in the school (see also 校花)
urine of boys under 12, used as medicine (TCM)
formal betrothal (in which the boy's family sends presents to the girl's family)
little brother / little boy / (coll.) penis
boy servant
child emperor / (fig.) spoiled child / spoiled boy / pampered only child
page boy / flower girl (at a wedding)

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