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schoolboy / male student / boy / guy (young adult male)
(coll.) early childhood / baby boy
little boy who is older than another young child (e.g. his playmate) / (neologism c. 2017) (slang) amiable form of address for a young man of about one's own age or a little older
(slang) novice / greenhorn / fool / idiot / abbr. for 小白臉|小白脸, pretty boy
(coll.) boy / (derog.) joker / guy / (despicable) fellow
Harry Potter, boy wizard in the novels by J.K. Rowling 羅琳|罗琳
a (real) man / boy / son
yellow flowers (of various types) / chrysanthemum / cauliflower / (yellow) daylily / a young virgin (boy or girl)
young, cute boy / derived from Japanese loanword shotacon 正太控
correspondent / reporter / messenger boy
(affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself) my boy / old pal
cowherd boy / (slang) male prostitute
new addition to a family (i.e. a birth) / a boy who has just come of age / (in a job etc) newcomer / novice
  *僮* | 僮* | *僮
servant boy
ball boy (tennis) / caddie (golf)
  *厮* | 厮* | *厮
mutually / with one another / manservant / boy servant / guy (derog.)
mama's boy
attractive young man (usually derog.) / pretty boy / gigolo
shepherd boy
my God! / oh boy! / man!
lackey / errand boy / lit. runner before a carriage
the most handsome boy in the school (see also 校花)
to propose the future marriage of two unborn babies on condition that one turns out to be a boy, and the other, a girl (idiom)
the most handsome boy in the class
(dialect) boy / guy
doorman / bell boy
(coll.) soldier boy
(Tw) naive and innocent (girl or boy) / underage prostitute / (Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [iù-khí])
shepherd / shepherd boy
child whose birthday is being celebrated / birthday boy / birthday girl
good little boy (or girl)
handsome but effeminate man / pretty boy
boy / male child
(coll.) new-born baby / young boy
catamite (boy as homosexual partner) / kept man / gigolo
boy band (type of pop group)
if a woman likes to eat sour during pregnancy, she will have a boy; if she likes to eat spicy, she will have a girl (idiom)
(old) waiter (loanword from "boy") / attendant
formal betrothal (in which the boy's family sends presents to the girl's family)
Momotaro or Peach Boy, the hero of a Japanese folk tale / (Tw) Japanese person
boy servant
little brother / little boy / (coll.) penis
child emperor / (fig.) spoiled child / spoiled boy / pampered only child
page boy / flower girl (at a wedding)

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