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to separate oneself from / to break away from / diastasis (medicine) / abscission / abjunction (botany)
sesame / (botany) flax / linseed
indefinite / indeterminate / (botany) adventitious
axis / principal axis (in mechanics, optics, botany etc) / main axle (of engine)
perennial root (botany)
quality of meat / succulent (botany)
rhubarb (botany)
(botany) common stock; gillyflower (Matthiola incana) / (botany) violet
  *荚* | 荚* | *荚
pod (botany)
(botany) red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza)
longan fruit / dragon eye fruit / Dimocarpus longan (botany) / CL:
Gastrodia elata (botany)
wrinkled giant hyssop / Agastache rugosa (botany)
alternate leaf arrangement (botany)
(botany) cassia seed
oval / egg-shaped (leaves in botany)
China pink / Dianthus chinensis (botany)
scarlet kafir lily / Clivia miniata (botany)
annual (botany)
hose / pipe / fire hose / (botany) water primrose (Jussiaea repens)
ovary (botany)
Gorgon fruit / Semen euryales (botany) / see also 雞頭米|鸡头米
  *腋* | 腋* | *腋
armpit / (biology) axilla / (botany) axil / Taiwan pr. [yi4]
(architecture) capital / column head / (botany) stigma
  *桫* | 桫* | *桫
horse chestnut / Stewartia pseudocamellia (botany)
vascular bundle (botany)
(botany) rue (Ruta graveolens)
aerial root (botany)
fern / bracken / brake (botany)
Siberian cocklebur (botany)
aerial root (botany)
seed pod (botany)
compound leaf (botany)
biennial (botany)
dragon tree / Dracaena (botany)
endosperm (botany)
spinulose tree fern / Cyathea spinulosa (botany)
rush (botany) / Juncaceae
(botany) coca (source of cocaine)
lateral root (botany)
(botany) leaf sheath
(botany) opposite leaf arrangement / paired leaf arrangement
feelers (zoology) / tassel (botany)
Fabaceae / Leguminosae / legume family (botany)
violet (botany)
leaf arrangement / phyllotaxy (botany)
(botany) placenta
(botany) Persicaria orientalis
coleoptile, protective sheath covering an emerging shoot (botany)
(botany) lemma
Gorgon fruit / Semen euryales (botany) / see also 芡實|芡实
Chinese alpine rush (botany)
hilum / omphalodium (botany)
(botany) zinnia
(botany) cassia
(botany) genus Ruta
(botany) rue (Ruta graveolens)
(botany) family Rutaceae (rue family, aka citrus family)
(botany) devil's trumpet (Datura stramonium) (loanword from Sanskrit "māndāra") / mandala (loanword from Sanskrit "maṇḍala")
(botany) embryo sac
(botany) Japanese hop (Humulus japonicus)
water spinach / ong choy / swamp cabbage / water convolvulus / water morning-glory / Ipomoea aquatica (botany)
boabab tree / monkey-bread tree / Adansonia digitata (botany)
(botany) coca (loanword)
orchid / fragrant thoroughwort / (botany) Eupatorium fortunei / Herba Eupatorii (used in Chinese medicine)
aril (botany)
(botany) palea
separatist organization / meristem (botany)
Indian coral tree / sunshine tree / tiger's claw / Erythrina variegata (botany)
forget-me-not, genus Myosotis (botany)
(botany) stolon
Hainan hopea (Hopea hainanensis) (botany)
Sapotaceae (botany)
(botany) patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)
(botany) convolvulvus / Flos Inulae (Chinese herb)
(botany) vexillum; banner petal; standard petal (of a papilionaceous flower)
Bombacaceae (botany)
Ericaceae (botany), genus containing rhododendron and azalea
catkin (botany)
(botany) lovage / Levisticum officinale
love apple / wax apple / Syzygium samarangense (botany)
nonnuclear / seedless (botany)
grenadine / carnation / clove pink / Dianthus caryophyllus (botany)
(botany) common stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus)
tracheid (botany)
boreal carnation or northern pink / Dianthus repens (botany)
Chinese plum-yew / Cephalotaxus sinensis (botany)
(botany) aster (Aster tataricus)
vascular plants / tracheophytes (botany)
(botany) alae; wing petals (of a papilionaceous flower)
succulent root (botany)
axillary (botany) / budding in the angle between branch and stem
turgor pressure (botany)
natural history (i.e. botany and zoology)
bract (botany)
Sarcandra glabra (botany)
grenadine / carnation / clove pink / Dianthus caryophyllus (botany)
catkin (botany)
leaf arrangement / phyllotaxy (botany)

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