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  *板* | 板* | *板
see 老闆|老板, boss
  *头* | 头* | *头
head / hair style / the top / end / beginning or end / a stub / remnant / chief / boss / side / aspect / first / leading / classifier for pigs or livestock / CL: 個|个
faucet / water tap / bicycle handle bar / chief (esp. of gang) / boss / decision maker / (market) leader (of companies) / front end of mud-flow / figurehead on prow of dragon boat 龍船|龙船
boss / business proprietor / CL: 個|个
eldest brother / big brother (polite address for a man of about the same age as oneself) / gang leader / boss
old age / very / eldest child in a family / leader of a group / boss / captain of a boat / leader of a criminal gang
brains / mind / skull / (fig.) gist (of a matter) / leader / boss
head / boss / chief
boss / executive
son of the boss / young master of the house / your son (honorific)
to skip a grade / to bypass ranks / to go over the head of one's boss
female proprietor / lady boss / boss's wife
master (i.e. employer) / landlord / boss
boss / superior
cell phone (bulky, early-model one) / brick phone / mob boss
lit. big crocodile / fig. major figure / big shot / top boss (esp. criminal)
boss / gang leader
the boss
(ironically) "secretary" (i.e. boss's mistress)
(coll.) man in power / boss / authority / expert
(dialect) boss's son / rich man's son / young master
gang leader / mafia boss
Lai Changxing (1958-), notorious Xiamen mafia boss involved in large scale corruption and smuggling, extradited from Canada back to China in 2008
big boss / leader of a group / dominant (position)
to boss people around (idiom)
(Tw) female gang leader / female boss / big sister
the new boss cracks the whip three times / a new broom sweeps clean / fig. vigorous new policies
local bully / tyrant / regional mafia boss
boss's son / young master
organizer of a gambling party who takes a cut of the winnings / banker (gambling) / preceding player (in a game) / (dialect) boss / proprietor

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