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  *开* | 开* | *开
to open / to start / to turn on / to boil / to write out (a prescription, check, invoice etc) / to operate (a vehicle) / carat (gold) / abbr. for Kelvin, 開爾文|开尔文 / abbr. for 開本|开本, book format
  *书* | 书* | *书
book / letter / document / CL: , 冊|册, / to write
  *本* | 本* | *本
root / stem / origin / source / this / the current / original / inherent / originally / classifier for books, periodicals, files etc
  *易* | 易* | *易
surname Yi / abbr. for 易經|易经, the Book of Changes
specific topic (addressed by a book, lecture, TV program etc) / article, report or program etc on a specific topic
books (in a library or bookstore) / CL: , 冊|册,
  *卷* | 卷* | *卷
scroll / book / volume / chapter / examination paper / classifier for books, paintings: volume, scroll
  *经* | 经* | *经
classics / sacred book / scripture / to pass through / to undergo / to bear / to endure / warp (textile) / longitude / menstruation / channel (TCM) / abbr. for economics 經濟|经济
booking / reservation / to book / to make an appointment
  *册* | 册* | *册
book / booklet / classifier for books
  *鼎* | 鼎* | *鼎
ancient cooking cauldron with two looped handles and three or four legs / pot (dialect) / to enter upon a period of (classical) / Kangxi radical 206 / one of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes
to read a book / to study / to attend school
the Great Learning, one of the Four Books 四書|四书 in Confucianism
canonical text / treasury (i.e. book of treasured wisdom)
  *恒* | 恒* | *恒
permanent / constant / fixed / usual / ordinary / rule (old) / one of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes ()
collection of documents / library / book series / sequence of data, esp. genome
  *回* | 回* | *回
to circle / to go back / to turn around / to answer / to return / to revolve / Hui ethnic group (Chinese Muslims) / time / classifier for acts of a play / section or chapter (of a classic book)
  *诗* | 诗* | *诗
abbr. for Shijing 詩經|诗经, the Book of Songs
books / works
  *折* | 折* | *折
to break / to fracture / to snap / to suffer loss / to bend / to twist / to turn / to change direction / convinced / to convert into (currency) / discount / rebate / tenth (in price) / classifier for theatrical scenes / to fold / accounts book
(technical) manual / (book of) directions / synopsis (of a play or film) / specification (patent) / CL:
entire book / unabridged book / entire multi-volume work / comprehensive volume
  *乘* | 乘* | *乘
four horse military chariot (archaic) / four (archaic) / generic term for history books
Chinese language (Mandarin), emphasizing its national nature / Chinese as a primary or secondary school subject / Chinese in the context of the Nationalist Government / Guoyu, book of historical narrative c. 10th-5th century BC
  *损* | 损* | *损
to decrease / to lose / to damage / to harm / (coll.) to speak sarcastically / to deride / caustic / mean / one of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes ()
good-looking / nice-looking / good (of a movie, book, TV show etc) / embarrassed / humiliated
to place an order / to book ahead
to write / literary work / book / article / writings / CL:
electronic book / e-book / e-book reader
Spider-Man, comic book superhero
fragment (of speech etc) / extract (from book etc) / episode (of story etc)
to book tickets / to issue tickets
  *著* | 著* | *著
to make known / to show / to prove / to write / book / outstanding
the eight divinatory trigrams of the Book of Changes 易經|易经 / gossip / gossipy
main text (as opposed to footnotes) / main body (of a book)
Superman, comic book superhero
shift in the trend of events / turnaround / plot shift in a book / turn in the conversation
this text / article / the main body of a book
advance sale / to sell in advance / to book
  *籍* | 籍* | *籍
book or record / registry / roll / place of one's family or ancestral records / membership
  *簿* | 簿* | *簿
a book / a register / account-book
ancient text / antique books
guide (e.g. book or other printed material)
spring and autumn / four seasons / year / a person's age / annals (used in book titles)
impression of a book / opinion expressed in a book review
rare book / cheat code (video games)
hardcover (book) / elaborately packaged / opposite: 簡裝|简装
book / CL:
books and publications
book review / book notice
scroll (book or painting)
picture book
name of a book / reputation as calligrapher
white paper (e.g. containing proposals for new legislation) / white book
address book / directory
  *丛* | 丛* | *丛
cluster / collection / collection of books / thicket
to thumb through / to flip through (a book)
quotation (from a book or existing source)
cashier / to receive and hand over payment / to lend and borrow books
book / notebook / edition / CL:
Iron Man, comic book superhero
Poseidon, Greek god of the sea / Neptune, Roman god of the sea / Aquaman, DC comic book superhero
a series of books / a collection of books
your work (book, musical composition etc) (honorific) / to erupt / to begin abruptly
imperial edict / heavenly book (superstition) / obscure or illegible writing / double dutch
Four Books, namely: the Great Learning 大學|大学, the Doctrine of the Mean 中庸, the Analects of Confucius 論語|论语, and Mencius 孟子
to collect books / library collection
memorandum / aide-memoire / memorandum book
  *坟* | 坟* | *坟
grave / tomb / CL: / embankment / mound / ancient book
to read a sample chapter of a book / to subscribe to a publication on a trial basis / to attend classes on a trial basis
a store room for books / fig. an erudite person / the Bibliotheca and Epitome of pseudo-Apollodorus
Laozi or Lao-tze (c. 500 BC), Chinese philosopher, the founder of Taoism / the sacred book of Daoism, 道德經|道德经 by Laozi
Batman, comic book superhero
price-to-book ratio (finance)
reference book
to borrow books to read
  *芸* | 芸* | *芸
common rue (Ruta graveolens) / books and libraries
another name for Book of Changes (I Ching) 易經|易经
treasure-house / treasury / treasure-trove (often fig., book of treasured wisdom)
excerpt / selection (from a book) / to select / to choose an extract
Guanzi or Guan Zhong 管仲 (-645 BC), famous politician of Qi 齊國|齐国 of Spring and Autumn period / Guanzi, classical book containing writings of Guan Zhong and his school
Shijing, the Book of Songs, early collection of Chinese poems and one of the Five Classics of Confucianism 五經|五经
same as 書經|书经 Book of History
  *卦* | 卦* | *卦
divinatory diagram / one of the eight divinatory trigrams of the Book of Changes 易經|易经 / one of the sixty-four divinatory hexagrams of the Book of Changes 易經|易经
reference book (such as dictionary, almanac, gazetteer etc)
medical book
the Five Classics of Confucianism, namely: the Book of Songs 詩經|诗经, the Book of History 書經|书经, the Classic of Rites 禮記|礼记, the Book of Changes 易經|易经, and the Spring and Autumn Annals 春秋
book format, similar to in-4°, in-8° etc (a 16-kai format 16開|16 is roughly A4) / abbr. to 開|开
The Book of Changes ("I Ching")
reader / an instructional book
secret book or collection of books
Mencius (c. 372-c. 289 BC), Confucian philosopher second only to Confucius / book of the same name, one of the classics of Confucianism
binding and layout (of a book etc)
study of the Book of Changes 易經|易经
The Book of Family Names, anonymous Song dynasty reading primer listing 438 surnames
to put the last hand to (a book, a film etc) / to finalize / to kill-green (a step in the processing of tea leaves)
Genesis (first book of the Bible)
diary (book)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, US comic book series, first appeared in 1984, also films, video games etc
a book on Chinese (herbal) medicine / Chinese materia medica

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