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  *包* | 包* | *包
to cover / to wrap / to hold / to include / to take charge of / to contract (to or for) / package / wrapper / container / bag / to hold or embrace / bundle / packet / CL: 個|个, 隻|只
plastic bag
  *装* | 装* | *装
adornment / to adorn / dress / clothing / costume (of an actor in a play) / to play a role / to pretend / to install / to fix / to wrap (sth in a bag) / to load / to pack
to wrap / to pack / to put leftovers in a doggy bag for take-out / to package (computing)
  *兜* | 兜* | *兜
pocket / bag / to wrap up or hold in a bag / to move in a circle / to canvas or solicit / to take responsibility for / to disclose in detail / combat armor (old)
pocket / bag / sack / CL: 個|个
  *袋* | 袋* | *袋
pouch / bag / sack / pocket
bag or purse etc / small bump or pimple / hillock
handbag or shopping bag (dialect)
satchel / bag
silk brocade bag, used in ancient times to hold poetry manuscripts and other precious items / (fig.) tip (a piece of practical advice)
shoulder bag
to fish out / to take out (from a pocket, bag etc)
waist purse (old) / (fig.) purse / pocket / waist pack / fanny pack / bum bag
pouch / sack / bag / Budai (the Laughing Buddha) / Budai or Putai town in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县, west Taiwan
bag made of woven straw / bag filled with straw / (fig.) a good-for-nothing / clumsy oaf
ice bag
sleeping bag
sack / burlap bag
spice bag
leather bag
to leak / to expose (sb's secret) / to spill the beans / to let the cat out of the bag
traveling bag / luggage
string bag / mesh bag / net bag
young married woman / mistress / (fig.) punching bag / (old) child bride
to be a cinch / in the bag / (of a person) confident of success
a small bag full of fragrance used on Dragon boat Festival
sth one wishes to conceal / the cat (as in "let the cat out of the bag")
brocade sack of miracle plans (idiom); bag of tricks / fiendishly cunning masterplan (written out by strategic genius of fiction, and given to the local commander in a brocade bag)
bag-in-box (packaging)
tea bag
travel bag
handbag / bag / valise
  *絓* | 絓* | *絓
type of coarse silk / bag used to wrap silk before washing
bundle / bag
  *縏* | 縏* | *縏
small bag / sack
infusion bag or bottle (for an IV)
to empty (a bag) / to turn inside out / to turn out
clutch bag
waste disposal bag
(metaphorical) punching bag / undeserving target of sb's wrath
(cookery) to decorate using a piping bag / to extrude something though a piping bag / piping
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret / to let the cat out of the bag
(fig.) punching bag
a suitcase / a traveling-bag
  *帣* | 帣* | *帣
a bag which holds 30 pecks (i.e. approx 3 kg dry measure)
to feel in one's pocket and take sth (idiom); as easy as pie / in the bag
to bag / to fill (a bag) / bagging
wine sack, food bag (idiom); useless person, only fit for guzzling and boozing
tea bag / (slang) trouble (loanword)
plastic bag (Tw)
pastry bag
crowing like a cock and stealing like a dog (idiom) / bag of tricks / useful talents
  *裛* | 裛* | *裛
to wrap and bind / damp / dripping / wet / a book bag
  *韔* | 韔* | *韔
bow bag
cloth bag
(jocularly) anorexic girl / a bag of bones
mesh laundry bag (for keeping garments separate from others in the washing machine)
bean bag round
leather bag / leather pouch (for liquid)
as easy as reaching for it from a bag (idiom) / in the bag / (as good as) in one's possession
cattail bag / (old) gift of fruit or pastries (traditionally presented in a cattail bag)
body bag
fukubukuro or "lucky bag", Japanese New Year custom where merchants offer grab bags containing random products at a steep discount
shopping bag
volva (bag containing spores on stem of fungi)
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret / to let the cat out of the bag
  *鞄* | 鞄* | *鞄
to work hides / leather bag
bean bag round
bag / satchel
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret / to let the cat out of the bag
book bag made of silk
shoulder bag
diving bag / diving suitcase
piping bag (cookery)
(hand)bag / hold-all
(loanword) tote (bag)
travel bag
camera bag (for changing film)
doggy bag / take-out container

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