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  *锯* | 锯* | *锯
a saw / to cut with a saw
electric saw (esp. electric chain saw)
vise jaw / press board (machine) / see-saw
saw blade
a two-man saw / fig. to-and-fro between two sides
a saw / CL:
chain saw
a see-saw
to saw timber
to saw
fret saw / jigsaw
circular saw
see-saw / also written 蹺蹺板|跷跷板
reciprocating saw
saw mill / timber mill
jigsaw (saw with steel wire blade)
saw palmetto (Serenoa repens, a small palm, an extract of whose fruit is used medicinally)
miter saw
knife, saw and cauldron / ancient instruments of torture / fig. torture
drywall saw / plasterboard saw
keyhole saw / pad saw
knife, saw, ax and hatchet (idiom); facing torture and execution

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