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  *背* | 背* | *背
the back of a body or object / to turn one's back / to hide something from / to learn by heart / to recite from memory / unlucky (slang) / hard of hearing
to recite / to repeat from memory
to read aloud with expression / to recite / to declaim
  *祭* | 祭* | *祭
to offer a sacrifice to (gods or ancestors) / memorial ceremony / (in classical novels) to recite an incantation to activate a magic weapon / (lit. and fig.) to wield
to recite a text from memory / to learn a text by heart / to back / to endorse (a political candidate, product, check etc) / backing / endorsement
  *诵* | 诵* | *诵
to read aloud / to recite
  *吟* | 吟* | *吟
to chant / to recite / to moan / to groan / cry (of certain animals and insects) / song (ancient poem)
to chant / to recite
  *讽* | 讽* | *讽
to satirize / to mock / to recite / Taiwan pr. [feng4]
to flow right off the tongue (of lyrics or poetry) / to recite with ease / catchy (of a song)
to read aloud / to recite rhythmically / to chant / to intone (esp. poems in rhythm)
to recite or chant Buddhist scripture
to recite poetry
to recite / to sing (of poetry)
to read out / to recite / to remember sb (while talking about sth else)
to know by heart (so well that you can recite it backwards)
to prompt (an actor or reciter)
to chant a magic spell / to recite incantations
  *唪* | 唪* | *唪
recite / chant
to chant / to recite rhythmically / to polish verse
to sing / to recite
to recite in a loud, clear voice
incessant playing of instruments and reciting of poems (idiom)
to recite loudly / to sing out

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