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  *落* | 落* | *落
to leave out / to be missing / to leave behind or forget to bring / to lag or fall behind
  *落* | 落* | *落
see 落枕 and 落炕
  *落* | 落* | *落
to fall or drop / (of the sun) to set / (of a tide) to go out / to lower / to decline or sink / to lag or fall behind / to fall onto / to rest with / to get or receive / to write down / whereabouts / settlement
practical / workable / to implement / to carry out / to decide
to be situated / to be located (of a building)
to fall to the ground / to be set on the ground / to reach to the ground / to be born / (of a plane) to land
to settle / to set up home
the curtain drops / the end of the show
to fall behind / to lag (in technology etc) / backward / to retrogress
dead leaves / to lose leaves (of plants) / deciduous
to be situated / located at (of building) / also written 坐落
phase / time interval / paragraph / (written) passage
to lose (sth) / to drop (sth) / to feel a sense of loss / frustrated / disappointment / loss
to shed tears / to weep
sundown / sunset
to fall / to drop
to drop off / to come off / to lose (hair etc) / to omit (a character when writing)
to fall back / to return to low level after a rise (in water level, price etc)
nook / corner
to fall into water / to sink / overboard / fig. to degenerate / to sink (into depravity) / to go to the dogs
to fall / to drop / to land (of projectile)
to descend / to land
to disperse / to fall scattered / to sprinkle
to fall down / to decay / to fall from the sky / to die
to complete a construction project
to fall / to drop
to fall / to drop / to decline / to deteriorate / to go downhill
to degrade / to degenerate / to become depraved / corrupt / a fall from grace
whereabouts / to drop / to fall
(lit.) to fall from a horse / (fig.) to suffer a setback / to come a cropper / to be sacked (e.g. for corruption)
to fail to be chosen (or elected) / to lose an election
(of a bird, fish etc) to be caught in a net / (of a tennis ball) to hit the net / (of a criminal) to be captured
to float down / to fall gently (snowflakes, leaves etc)
to wander about destitute / to be stranded
to suffer a defeat / to fail / to fall behind
desolate / unfrequented / to treat sb coldly / to snub / to cold shoulder
drop in elevation / (fig.) gap (in wages, expectations etc) / disparity
to shoot down (a plane)
to surrender (of a fortress) / to fall (to the enemy) / subsidence (of land)
to decline / to wane
to leave behind (inadvertently) / to forget / to omit / to leave out
"Red Poppies", novel by 阿來|阿来
lit. the dust has settled (idiom) / fig. to get sorted out / to be finalized
air plant (Bryophyllum pinnatum) / to put down roots
to degenerate / impoverished / to fall (into poverty) / to be reduced (to begging)
lonely / desolate
setting sun
ending up as / leading to / resulting in / in total
court / courtyard
community / (science) biocoenosis / ecological community
to fail to achieve something / to be fruitless
to fail / to fall through / to come to nothing
to omit / to neglect
bacterial colony / microbial colony
French window / CL:
floor lamp
strewn at random / disorderly / untidy / irregular / uneven
to rise and fall / takeoff and landing / ups and downs
down and out / in dire straits / unrestrained / unconventional / also pr. [luo4 tuo4]
to fall behind the ranks / to be outdated
to fail the imperial exams / to flunk
in picturesque disorder (idiom); irregular arrangement with charming effect
to slide / to roll
dust fall / fallout (volcanic, nuclear etc) / particulate matter
inscription with name, date, or short sentence, on a painting, gift, letter etc
whereabouts / place to settle / reliable source (of funds etc) / (of responsibility for a matter) to rest with sb / settlement / solution
squeaky clean / neat and tidy / efficient
to peel off
unaccounted / unknown whereabouts
downcast / gloomy / to decline
to flee in defeat / to bolt
withered and fallen / scattered / sporadic
to stay for a time / to stop over / to lodge / to sink down (into soft ground) / leftovers
to conform to no conventional pattern / unconventional / offbeat
as the water recedes, the rocks appear (idiom) / the truth comes to light
blogger (Tw)
settlement / dwelling place / town / village
Rocky Mountains in West US and Canada
open and candid (idiom); straightforward and upright
(of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate (idiom) / volatile / significant ups and downs / roller coaster
to sit down / to take a seat
to be on one's own / to be left alone / to be left out
variant of 凋落
landing visa / visa on arrival
to meet with misfortune / to fall into dire straits
free fall
deciduous tree
dazed / beside oneself (idiom)
when the melon is ripe, it falls (idiom); problems sort themselves out in the fullness of time
(of one's conduct, speech etc) natural and unrestrained
to taunt / to ridicule / to jeer at / to treat coldly / to abandon
to throw stones at sb who fell down a well (idiom); to hit a person who is down
to run away / to escape
to leave no trace / seamless / professional

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