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  *座* | 座* | *座
seat / base / stand / CL: 個|个 / classifier for buildings, mountains and similar immovable objects
constellation / astrological sign / CL: 張|张
a course of lectures / CL: 個|个
to have an informal discussion / CL: , 個|个
conference / symposium / rap session
seat / CL: 個|个
coordinate system (geometry)
fixed phone / private plane
base / pedestal / foundation
to be situated / located at (of building) / also written 坐落
the twelve constellations on the ecliptic plane / the signs of the zodiac
socket / outlet
Sagittarius (constellation and sign of the zodiac) / popular variant of 人馬座|人马座
Leo (constellation and sign of the zodiac)
Aquarius (constellation and sign of the zodiac) / also called 水瓶座
Virgo (constellation and sign of the zodiac) / popular variant of 室女座
Scorpio or Scorpius (constellation and sign of the zodiac)
Gemini (constellation and sign of the zodiac)
Pisces (constellation and sign of the zodiac)
booth (in restaurants etc) (loanword from "car seat")
Aquarius (constellation and sign of the zodiac)
Ginza (district in Tokyo)
hard seat (on trains or boats)
rectangular coordinates
motto / maxim
electric socket / power point
one's own car (or motorbike) / vehicle for one's private use
(Western-style) horoscope
to willfully occupy sb else's seat
visiting professor / guest professor
horizontal coordinate / abscissa
soft seat (on trains or boats)
to be present
vertical coordinate / ordinate
seat (at banquet) / by ext. guest of honor
seat of honor
to give up one's seat for sb
to take one's seat according to the ticket number / (fig.) to put (things or people) in their right place / to take a general comment as a personal attack / to take a criticism for oneself
polar coordinates (math.)
teahouse / tea-stall with seats / tea-garden or teahouse seat
lit. a banquet with no empty seats / full house / capacity crowd / standing room only
power strip
(botany) placenta
to seat (sb in a restaurant etc) / to take one's seat
(railway) carriage
system of polar coordinates
Hercules (constellation)
seat number
coordinate space
Grus (constellation)
Eridanus (constellation)
person in next seat / adjacent seat / neighbor
to sit down / to take a seat
Piscis Austrinus (constellation)
method of coordinates (geometry)
Auriga (constellation)
Bodhimanda (place of enlightenment associated with a Bodhisattva)
the north-facing room opposite the master's in a siheyuan 四合院
pedestal for stone tablet
Hydra (constellation)
Triangulum (constellation)
Orion (constellation)
Sagittarius (constellation and sign of the zodiac)
erhua variant of 散座 / single seat (in theater) / irregular passenger (in rickshaw)
Cygnus (constellation)
fully booked / every seat taken
(of a movie, show etc) to attract large audiences
Draco (constellation)
humpback whale
Leo Minor (constellation)
Fornax (constellation)
coordinate axis
Apus (constellation)
desk clock
front passenger seat
Horologium (constellation)
Phoenix (constellation)
Ophiuchus (constellation)
Telescopium (constellation)
Theravada school of Buddhism
Argo (constellation, now divided into Carina 船底座 and Puppis 船尾座)
Tucana (constellation)
Microscopium (constellation)
Triangulum Australe (constellation)
Cancer (constellation and sign of the zodiac) / variant of 巨蟹座
surrounded by distinguished friends (idiom); in company
Centaurus (constellation)
Vulpecula (constellation)
Sagitta (constellation)
Corvus (constellation)
Orionids / Orionid meteor shower
(restaurant etc) private room / booth / comfortable seating

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