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  *宝* | 宝* | *宝
variant of 寶|宝
  *宝* | 宝* | *宝
jewel / gem / treasure / precious
darling / baby
Alipay, online payment platform
pearls / jewels / precious stones
Buddha's teaching / Buddhist monk's apparel, staff etc / (Daoism) magic weapon / talisman / fig. specially effective device / magic wand
SpongeBob SquarePants (US TV animated series, 1999-)
Campbell (name) / Kampar, town in the state of Perak, Malaysia
Yuanbao district of Dandong city 丹東市|丹东市, Liaoning
a silver or gold ingot / mock ingot (burnt as offering in worship) / a name for ancient currency / a rare genius
portable charger / mobile power pack
Dongbao district of Jingmen city 荊門市|荆门市, Hubei
buffoon / clown / ridiculous person
national treasure
treasure hunt
Wen Jiabao (1942-), Premier of PRC from 2003-2013
Lingbao county level city in Sanmenxia 三門峽|三门峡, Henan
a treasure
the Three Precious Treasures of Buddhism, namely: the Buddha , the Dharma (his teaching), and the Sangha (his monastic order)
Taiho (era)
gem / (fig.) rare and valuable item / gem / treasure
JDB (Chinese beverage company)
Zhang Bao (-184), leader of the Yellow Turban rebels during the late Han 漢朝|汉朝
second child / second baby
money and valuables
Opel (car brand)
(coll.) child in the womb
roll-up banner stand
Four Treasures of the Study, namely 筆|笔, , 紙|纸 and 硯|砚 / the essentials of calligraphy and scholarship (idiom)
Haibao, Expo 2010 mascot
most valuable treasure / most precious asset
ushering in wealth and prosperity (idiom and traditional greeting, esp. at New Year); We wish you wealth and success!
family heirloom
to play yabao (a gambling game) / (fig.) to gamble on / to take one's chance / to try one's luck
priceless treasure
to present a treasure / to offer a valuable piece of advice / to show off what one treasures
mama's boy
rare treasure (idiom)
to show off / to put on a show to amuse others
Lippo (Group) (Indonesian conglomerate)
PayPal (Internet payment and money transfer company)
Wu Renbao (1928-2013), former CPC chief of Huaxi Village 華西村|华西村, responsible for turning it into a modern rich community
as if gaining the most precious treasure
Liu Jinbao
imperial seal
folk theater consisting of recitation accompanied by clapper board rhythm
variant of 押寶|押宝
Gan Bao (?-336), Chinese historian and writer, author of In Search of the Supernatural 搜神記|搜神记
good-for-nothing / fool
Wong Kam-po (1973-), Hong Kong champion cyclist
opal (abbr. for 澳洲寶石|澳洲宝石)
to miss an opportunity (Cantonese)
Shenzhen Jianlibao (soccer team)
an ugly wife is a treasure at home (idiom)

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