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  *奶* | 奶* | *奶
breast / milk / to breastfeed
  *奶* | 奶* | *奶
variant of 嬭|奶
  *奶* | 奶* | *奶
mother / variant of
cow's milk / CL: ,
cream / butter
(informal) grandma (paternal grandmother) / (respectful) mistress of the house / CL: / (coll.) boobies / breasts
milk tea
powdered milk
cheese / CL: 塊|块, ,
milk cow / dairy cow
baby's feeding bottle
cleansing lotion
to suck the breast (for milk)
to breast-feed
milkshake (loanword)
dairy product
fresh milk
nipple / teat (on baby's bottle)
to wean
wet nurse
nipple (on a baby's bottle) / pacifier
pure milk
mother's milk
damn it! / blast it!
poisoned milk / contaminated milk / refers to 2008 PRC scandal involving milk products adulterated with melamine 三聚氰胺
to milk
sheep's milk
breast / milk
dairy farming
with milk / white (of tea, coffee etc)
without milk / black (of tea, coffee etc)
(baby's) pacifier
pearl milk tea / tapioca milk tea / bubble milk tea
poisoned milk powder / refers to 2008 PRC scandal involving milk powder adulterated with melamine 三聚氰胺
coconut milk
dairy farm
to promote lactation / to stimulate lactation (e.g. with drug)
cream / whipped cream
(dialect) wet nurse
stay-at-home dad
Lhasa Shoton festival or yogurt banquet, from first of July of Tibetan calendar
butter biscuit / butter bun
married woman of mature age
white broth, or milky broth: an unctuous, milky white pork broth of Chinese cuisine
general term for milk packaged for the consumer, including long-life (UHT) milk, pasteurized milk and reconstituted milk
condensed milk
wet nurse
(coll.) father's father's sister / great aunt
bra / brassière
custard bun
abbr. for pearl milk tea 珍珠奶茶
lit. to beat milk / to churn (to make butter) / milk foamer (for cappuccino)
milk from a woman's breast / milk (used in the names of dishes to indicate white sauce)
to cohabit with and financially support a mistress
all one's strength
cream / whipped cream
kumis / horse milk wine
dairy product
handsome but effeminate man / pretty boy
cream sponge
lit. whoever provides milk is your mother (idiom) / fig. to follow whoever is feeding you / to put one's loyalties where one's interests lie
father's mother's sister (coll.) / great aunt
bubble milk tea (Taiwan) / Boba milk tea / tapioca milk tea / see also 珍珠奶茶
soy milk
pet name for a child / infant name
mistress / second wife / lover
"mercenary expert", a person who is supposedly an independent expert, but receives payment for making comments favorable to a particular entity
(coll.) father's father's mother / paternal great-grandmother / respectful form of address for an old woman
non-dairy creamer
cottage cheese
utmost effort
erhua variant of 奶嘴
creamed cauliflower
young lady of the house / wife of the young master
infant formula
all one's strength

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