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  *堂* | 堂* | *堂
(main) hall / large room for a specific purpose / CL: 間|间 / relationship between cousins etc on the paternal side of a family / of the same clan / classifier for classes, lectures etc / classifier for sets of furniture
college / school (old)
classroom / CL: 間|间
paradise / heaven
dining hall / CL: 個|个, 間|间
lecture hall / CL: , 間|间
church / chapel / CL: 間|间
assembly hall / auditorium / CL: , 處|处
palace / hall / temple buildings
to live under the same roof (of different generations)
Jintang county in Chengdu 成都, Sichuan
the Great Hall of the People in Beijing
Shiseidō (Japanese cosmetics company)
Tongrentang, Chinese pharmaceutical company (TCM)
to get together all at once
grand / magnificent / stately / majestic appearance
whole audience / a sellout (capacity audience) / jam-packed
public baths
memorial hall / mausoleum
dining hall / canteen / cafeteria
heaven on Earth / nickname for the city Suzhou
ancestral hall / memorial hall
item (in a program of entertainments) / trick (act of mischief) / worthwhile result / accomplishment / sth significant but not immediately apparent / sth more than meets the eye
to gather happily under one roof
meeting hall / assembly hall
Four Generations Under One Roof, novel by Lao She 老舍
four generations under one roof (idiom)
lit. gold and jade fill the hall (idiom) / fig. abundant wealth / abundance of knowledge
imperial ancestral temple / imperial court / temple
mourning hall / a hall for a birthday celebration
(dialect) alley / lane
mourning hall / funeral hall
(honorific) your mother
chapel / church (Protestant)
waiter (old)
scripture hall (Buddhism)
to die / to enter the hall of heaven
courtyard in front of a palace
three generations under one roof
ritual kneeling to heaven and earth by bride and groom in a old-fashioned wedding ceremony / same as 拜天地
room to meet guests / parlor
main hall / honorific for one's parents (old)
bright / clear
Du Fu's Thatched Cottage (park and museum in Chengdu)
dining hall in a Buddhist temple
to appear in court for trial (old) / (of Buddhist monks) to have a meal together in the temple hall
to congregate in one hall (idiom); to gather under one roof
there is a lot to it / not a straightforward matter
very bright / well-lit
Church of Our Lady / Frauenkirche
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei
Buddhist nunnery
to drag out a lesson / to insist on extending class after the bell
to open a law court / to set up a mourning hall
meditation room (in Buddhist monastery)
to make it / to be somebody
(honorific) your mother
to make a name for oneself
Fuzhou Naval College, a.k.a. Foochow Naval Dockyard School, set up in 1866 by the Qing dynasty
lit. don't sit under the eaves (where tiles may fall from the roof) (idiom); fig. keep out of danger
synagogue / Jewish temple
Hagia Sophia (the main cathedral of Constantinople, subsequently the major mosque of Istanbul)
lit. a caged bird in a pavilion (idiom); fig. to lose vigilance by comfortable living / unaware of the disasters ahead / a fool's paradise
college of Western learning in late Qing
to stay behind (after class) / to be given detention / detention
tax haven
public courtroom accusation (idiom) / legal confrontation / to take sb to court / to sue
lit. a wealthy person does not sit under the eaves (idiom); fig. a rich man does not expose himself to danger
customer area of a store / showroom / dining area of a restaurant
law court / hall (in castle) / CL:
Mawei River naval college, alternative name for Fuzhou naval college 福州船政學堂|福州船政学堂, set up in 1866 by the Qing dynasty
mother (honorific designation)
(honorific) your parents
lit. not fit for elegant hall (of artwork) / not presentable / coarse / unrefined
torture chamber
Westminster Abbey, London
dirty trick / monkey business

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