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range / scope / limit / extent / CL: 個|个
  *围* | 围* | *围
surname Wei
  *围* | 围* | *围
to encircle / to surround / all around / to wear by wrapping around (scarf, shawl)
to revolve around / to center on (an issue)
surroundings / environment / to encompass
ambience / atmosphere
to get past the qualifying round / to make it to the finals
to surround / to encircle / to hem in
to stand in a circle and watch
scarf / shawl / CL: 條|条
the game of Go
to besiege / to beleaguer / to attack from all sides / to jointly speak or write against sb
to break a siege / to break out of an enclosure
fencing / railings / fence
Fortress Besieged, 1947 novel by Qian Zhongshu 錢鐘書|钱钟书, filmed as a TV serial
siege / besieged city
scope of authority / mandate
BWH, abbr. for a woman's three measurements, namely: bust 胸圍|胸围, waist 腰圍|腰围 and hip 臀圍|臀围
perimeter wall / fence / CL:
to encircle and annihilate / refers to repeated campaigns of the Guomindang against the communists from 1930 onwards
to redouble a siege
muffler / scarf
chest measurement / bust
to blockade / to surround / to hem in
waist measurement / girth
to besiege
to lift a siege / to help sb out of trouble or embarrassment
small-scale / local / to a limited extent
Weichang Manchu and Mongol autonomous county in Chengde 承德, Hebei
enclosure / pig pen / hunting ground exclusively kept for emperor or nobility (in former times)
to gang up and beat
to sit in a circle / seated around (a narrator)
to protect from all sides
seine net / wire mesh fence / fence screen
to form a ring around
to surround / to gird
to force one's way out of encirclement / to break through
to surround / to close in around (one's enemy, prey etc)
bid rigging
(baby) bib
hip measurement
building envelope
to fish by casting a net / to capture / to surround and seize
perinatal period
a cofferdam
Weichang Manchu and Mongol autonomous county in Chengde 承德, Hebei
communist attack against the Guomindang's encircle and annihilate campaign
Zhuangwei or Chuangwei township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan
all around / on all sides / encircled
Weichang Manchu and Mongol autonomous county in Chengde 承德, Hebei
to reclaim land by diking
lit. to besiege and rescue 趙|赵 (idiom) / fig. to relieve a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers
to crowd around
to surround / to encircle / to enclose / to fence in
fence / paling
Zhuangwei or Chuangwei township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan
to besiege
to besiege and strike the relief force (idiom); strategy of surrounding a unit to entice the enemy to reinforce, then striking the new troops
peripheral vertigo
Berlin Wall
tideland reclamation
variant of 氛圍|氛围
purse-seine net (fishing)
protective apron

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