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  *买* | 买* | *买
to buy / to purchase
to purchase / to buy
  *购* | 购* | *购
to buy / to purchase
group buying / collective buying / buying by a group of individuals who negotiate a discount for the group
to buy frenetically / to snap up (bargains, dwindling supplies etc)
to select and purchase / to buy
  *贾* | 贾* | *贾
merchant / to buy
to buy a house
buying and selling / business / business transactions / CL: 樁|桩,
to buy (finance)
to ask to buy / to bid for purchase
  *置* | 置* | *置
to install / to place / to put / to buy
to buy in bulk / bulk buying
to buy (on behalf of sb)
to buy tickets / (Tw) to buy votes (in an election)
to buy real estate
to buy an all-night package / (esp.) to book a prostitute for the night
buyback / repurchase / to buy back
  *扯* | 扯* | *扯
to pull / to tear / (of cloth, thread etc) to buy / to chat / to gossip / (coll.) (Tw) ridiculous / hokey
  *贩* | 贩* | *贩
to deal in / to buy and sell / to trade in / to retail / to peddle
cannot afford / can't afford buying
to purchase / to buy / to do one's shopping / purchasing agent / buyer
to buy on credit / to delay payment
to buy back / to redeem / repurchase
to buy soy sauce / it's none of my business ("I’m just here to buy some soy sauce")
to purchase / to buy in (goods)
to invest in stock / to buy shares
  *沽* | 沽* | *沽
to buy / to sell
used in expressions of the form V不誤|照V不误, in which V is a verb, means "as before", and the overall meaning is "carry on (doing sth) regardless" or "continue (to do sth) in spite of changed circumstances", e.g. 照買不誤|照买不误, to keep on buying (a product) regardless (of price hikes)
buying direct from your company at preferential prices / (gaming) in-app purchase
(neologism c. 2017) (coll.) chill about everything (typically used to describe young people who don't buy into aspirational society)
to atone for one's crime / to buy freedom from punishment / redemption / atonement
shill / tout / phony customer who pretends to buys things so as to lure real customers
to buy out / buyout / severance
to stir-fry rapidly using a high flame / to conduct a media blitz / to manipulate a stock market through large-scale buying and selling
to buy and sell / to do business / to trade / to deal
to act with urgency / to buy time
to buy or upgrade a ticket after boarding a train, boat etc / to buy a ticket for a show after having sat down in the theater
buying and selling at fair prices
to force sb to buy or sell / to trade using coercion
buy one, get one free / two for the price of one
buying price
a fraudulent purchase / to buy up sth illegally
to purchase / to buy
to buy / to acquire / to add to one's possessions
to buy a title / to use wealth to acquire office
to check / to tick / (old) to buy
Best Buy (retailer)
to recruit soldiers and buy horses (idiom); to raise a large army / fig. to expand business / to recruit new staff
to buy on a considerable scale / to purchase / to procure / to stock up
to buy detail / to buy one at a time
  *贳* | 贳* | *贳
to borrow / to buy on credit / to rent out
  *赊* | 赊* | *赊
to buy or sell on credit / distant / long (time) / to forgive
(coll.) to ride in sb else's car to save money / to ride on a train or bus without buying a ticket (fare-dodging)
financial leverage / leveraging (i.e. buying shares on borrowed funds)
buying and selling of official positions
to acknowledge sb as senior or superior (often in negative) / to accept (a version of events) / to buy it
to offer credit / credit transaction / to buy or sell on account
speculation and profiteering (idiom); buying and selling on speculation
to respond to the market / to buy or sell according to market conditions
to move / to shift / to exchange / to buy and sell / peddling
An ounce of gold can't buy you an interval of time (idiom); Money can't buy you time. / Time is precious.
  *籴* | 籴* | *籴
to buy up (grain)
lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold, money cannot buy you time. (idiom) / fig. Time is precious and must be treasured.
to buy and sell / peddling
to offer official positions and material benefits in order to buy people's allegiance
to buy or sell on credit / outstanding account / to have an outstanding account
to buy votes (in an election)
person who joins with others to reduce costs (carpooling, group buying, sharing an apartment etc)
to bid competitively / to compete to buy (at auction)
car slave, sb forced to sacrifice quality of life to buy or maintain a car
to buy on margin (finance)
to keep on buying (a product) regardless (of price increases, adverse publicity etc)
to buy the whole lot / to take everything remaining
to buy a wooden box and return the pearls inside / to show poor judgment (idiom)
(coll.) (neologism c. 2017, a play on 伏地魔) woman who devotes herself to supporting her little brother (assisting him with his studies, giving money to help him buy a house etc)
to buy and sell at a profit / to speculate
to visit a prostitute / (literary) to buy wine or drinks
to buy a house on a mortgage / house mortgage
to buy popular support / to court favor
to execute a lightning raid / (investment) to buy, then quickly sell / (tourism) to visit a destination for only a short stay
lit. to buy smiles to seek happiness / abandon oneself to the pleasures of the flesh (idiom)
to purchase / to buy (usu. real estate)
lit. the scholar buys a donkey (idiom); fig. long-winded verbiage that never gets to the point / idiom mocking scholastic pomposity
a mortgage (loanword via Cantonese) / to buy property on a mortgage
money can't buy happiness
fig. people who cannot afford to buy their own house
buying and selling on speculation
to move (things around) / to buy and sell at a profit (derog.)
(Tw) to buy off influential people (in an election, a call for tenders etc)
to include (as a free gift, when buying sth) / to come with
money is not omnipotent / money isn't everything / money can't buy you love
to buy wholesale

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