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  *游* | 游* | *游
to walk / to tour / to roam / to travel
sponge (zoology) / sponge (piece of absorbent material, either natural or made from plastic etc) / foam rubber
to roam around / to have a stroll
  *泡* | 泡* | *泡
bubble / foam / blister (i.e. skin bubble) / to soak / to steep / to infuse / to dawdle / to shilly-shally / to hang about / to pick up (a girl) / to get off with (a sexual partner) / classifier for occurrences of an action / classifier for number of infusions
to come and go / to roam about (mostly unseen) / (of a ghost) to haunt (a place) / (of a criminal) to stalk (the streets) / (of the sun) to rise and set
to go around / to roam / to tour
foam / (soap) bubble / (economic) bubble
to drift about / to wander / to roam / nomadic / homeless / unsettled (e.g. population) / vagrant
to travel around / to roam / (mobile telephony) roaming
to be on the move / to roam or wander / to circulate (of goods or capital)
feral horse / free-roaming horse / wild horse
  *沫* | 沫* | *沫
foam / suds
to travel / to go on a tour / to roam
to bubble / to foam / to blister / to sprout boils (on one's body) / sparkling (wine etc)
to wander / to roam about / to loaf about / to be idle
to roam about / to wander without a home
US and UK / Anglo-American
foaming agent / blowing agent
to roam far and wide (idiom) / to travel the world
to let one's imagination roam
froth / foam (coming from the mouth)
to regard the four corners of the world all as home (idiom) / to feel at home anywhere / to roam about unconstrained / to consider the entire country, or world, to be one's own
expanded polystyrene (EPS) / styrofoam
to roam all over the place / to go into every nook and corner / to infiltrate / (of criminals, enemies etc) to be on the run / to flee and try to hide
Operations Administration and Maintenance / OAM
Chuangwang or Roaming King, adopted name of late Ming peasant rebel leader Li Zicheng 李自成 (1605-1645)
lit. to beat milk / to churn (to make butter) / milk foamer (for cappuccino)
to emit bubbles / to bubble / to foam (with rage) / to seethe
microampere (one millionth of amp) / also written 微安培
to skim froth or foam from the surface of a liquid
to roam far and wide / to drift with the wind
to roam about / to monkey around
soapy lather / foam
Noam Chomsky (American linguist and political activist)
unsettled / doubtful / to roam about
microampere (one millionth of amp)
reticulated foam
quantum foam (in string theory, and science fiction)

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