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rear / back / behind / later / afterwards / also pr. [hou4 mian5]
after / then (afterwards) / after that / afterwards
afterwards / later
to advance / to conduct / underway / in progress / to do / to carry out / to carry on / to execute
  *便* | 便* | *便
plain / informal / suitable / convenient / opportune / to urinate or defecate / equivalent to : then / in that case / even if / soon afterwards
afterwards / following / later / after
  *后* | 后* | *后
back / behind / rear / afterwards / after / later / post-
  *已* | 已* | *已
already / to stop / then / afterwards
after / later / afterwards / following / later on / in the future
  *继* | 继* | *继
to continue / to follow after / to go on with / to succeed / to inherit / then / afterwards
to follow after / immediately afterwards
after this / afterwards / hereafter
the location below sth / afterwards
  *闸* | 闸* | *闸
old variant of 閘|闸 / sluice / lock (on waterway)
  *闸* | 闸* | *闸
gear / brake / sluice / lock (on waterway) / electric switch or circuit breaker
then / afterwards
immediately afterwards / shortly after that
patchwork of waterways, esp. in Jiangsu / same as 江南水鄉|江南水乡
waterway / ship channel
El Salvador
later / afterwards
to forge (silverware, metal implements etc)
patchwork of waterways, esp. in Jiangsu
depth (of waterway) / sounding
behind / the back / the rear / later / afterwards / (in) the future
King Lear, 1605 tragedy by William Shakespeare 莎士比亞|莎士比亚
Beijing International Studies University (BISU)
silverware store / jewelry center
Hai He (a system of five waterways around Tianjin, flowing into Bohai 渤海 at Dagukou 大沽口)
to follow immediately afterwards / immediately adjacent
after this / afterwards / next
to be born / (fig.) to develop out of sth else (of ideas, stories, political systems etc) / (fig.) to shed one's body (to be reborn) / bodiless (e.g. lacquerware)
to award posthumously / to write down afterwards / retrospective account
afterwards / then
carved lacquerware
Parvati (the consort of Shiva)
carved or engraved lacquerware
to caterwaul / to call like an animal in heat
unrestricted warfare (originally the title of a Chinese book published in 1999, later used to refer to war by any means, military or non-military, including cyberwarfare, economic warfare etc)
(underwater) diver
drop of height in waterway / staircase of waterfalls
canal / man-made waterway
Zhu Qizhen, personal name of sixth and eighth Ming emperor Zhengtong 正統|正统, afterwards Tianshun Emperor 天順|天顺 (1427-1464), reigned 1435-1449 and 1457-1464
Huelva, Spain
payment made afterwards / postpaid
(in ceramics, lacquerware etc) the base (made of clay, metal, bamboo etc) onto which a glaze, lacquer or other decorative elements are applied
all neglected tasks are being undertaken (idiom) / work is now underway
ice blockage / freezing of waterway
earpick / curette
for the common good and forgetting personal interests (idiom); to behave altruistically / selfless
Albacete, Spain
San Salvador, capital of El Salvador
bodiless lacquerware
rivers and canals / waterway
lit. the sky shakes and the ground revolves / momentous changes are underway (idiom)
from then on / after / afterwards / thereafter
Mughal or Mogul Dynasty (1526-1858)
Kingdom of Nepal
summer-warm disease (TCM)
underwater nuclear test
sonic location system (esp. underwater sonar) / acoustic positioning
narrow (of waterway) / a bottleneck
nuclear underwater burst / underwater nuclear explosion
(bird species of China) snow partridge (Lerwa lerwa)
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the thirty-fifth president of Brazil / Lula
earpick / curette
underwater camera
gilded silverware / CL:
Svolvær (city in Nordland, Norway)
(dialect) earpick / curette

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