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Property Value
English definition surname; hill; mound; grave
Mandarin pronunciation(s), using the Hanyu Pinyin romanization system qiu1
Tang dynasty pronunciation(s), derived from or consistent with T'ang Poetic Vocabulary by Hugh M. Stimson, Far Eastern Publications, Yale Univ. 1976 *kiou
Cantonese pronunciation(s), using the Jyutping romanization system jau1
Cantonese pronunciation(s), using the Yale romanization system yau1
Japanese oka
Sino-Japanese kyuu
Korean pronunciation(s), using the Yale romanization system kwu
KangXi radical / stroke count 邑阝 + 5
Unicode radical / stroke count 邑阝 + 5
Unicode total stroke count 8
Cangjie OMNL
Four corner code 7712.7
Frequency based in traditional Chinese USENET postings (1 is most common, 5 is least common) 4
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PRC telegraph code 6726
Taiwan telegraph code 6726
Unicode code point (dec / hex): 37041 / 90B1