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difference / to distinguish / to discriminate / to make a distinction / CL: 個|个
to part or leave each other / to distinguish / difference / in different ways / differently / separately or individually
  *差* | 差* | *差
difference / discrepancy / to differ / error / to err / to make a mistake
difference / discrepancy
difference / distinction / disparity
degree of disparity / equal difference
difference / error / inaccuracy
divergent / difference (of opinion, position) / disagreement / bifurcation (math.)
range (the difference between the lowest and highest values)
time difference / time lag / jet lag
difference in price
tolerance (allowed error) / common difference (of an arithmetic series)
balance (financial) / discrepancy (in a sum or quota) / difference
two kinds / difference
to pick fault with / to spot the differences / to nitpick / to pick a quarrel / to find complaint with
comparison / differences and similarities
difference / peculiar
lit. as different as sky and earth (idiom) / fig. night and day difference / opposite extremes / a world of difference / a far cry from
to seek common ground, putting differences aside (idiom)
there is no difference / it makes no difference
to dispel (enmity, misunderstandings etc) / to vanish (of misgivings, differences of opinion) / thaw (in relations)
temperature contrast / difference in temperature (of body to its surroundings)
fraction / slightest difference / hairsbreadth
phase difference
not much difference
to make a clear difference between what one likes and what one hates / to have well-defined likes and dislikes
light-years (apart) / a million miles (apart) / (i.e. indicates a huge difference or a huge distance)
difference (the result of subtraction)
the two cannot exist together (idiom); irreconcilable differences / incompatible standpoints
to forget previous differences / to bury the hatchet
the slightest difference leads to a huge error (idiom) / a miss is as good as a mile
to explain (the difference)
friends despite the difference in age
difference / discrepancy
(math.) difference quotient / divided difference / finite difference
treating everyone the same, regardless of individual differences / one-size-fits-all approach / (typesetting) block paragraphs (no indenting, and blank space between each paragraph)
whether it's right or wrong doesn't make a lot of difference / six of one and half a dozen of the other / as broad as it is long
difference in exchange rates in different regions
the two cannot exist together (idiom); irreconcilable differences / incompatible standpoints
to remove perils and solve disputes (idiom); to reconcile differences
the slightest difference leads to a huge loss (idiom) / a miss is as good as a mile
(math.) increment / difference / (engineering) differential
huge difference
local differences in price / regional price variation
hairsbreadth difference
not much / very little (e.g. difference)
difference in temperature
common word for equinox and solstice / point of difference / point of divergence
lit. a gulf between heaven and earth / wide difference of opinion (idiom)
racial differences / racial discrimination
divided differences (numerical analysis) / mean absolute difference (statistics)
difference equation (math.)

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